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Soundproof Primer

In floor soundproofing projects a soundproof primer is used to condition and prepare a flooring substrate for the application of a composite underlayment like PROFLEX™ 90 , and to ensure there’s a tight bond between the subfloor and the added underlayment. Soundproof Cow carries PR 11 brand flooring primer, a 100% water-based soundproof primer that can be applied to wood or concrete with a paint roller. PR 11 soundproofing primer is non-flammable and can be used on both interior and exterior projects, but should not be applied if rain is imminent.


    PR 11 Water Based Primer

    PR 11 is a water based primer used to prepare flooring substrates for the application of PROFLEX™ 90 flooring underlayment. This product must be applied to

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