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How to Soundproof a Fireplace

January 20, 2023
How to Soundproof a Fireplace

A fireplace is a unique feature to have in your home. However, they’re liable to create, reflect or transmit noise. In some situations, wind blows through the chimney flue and causes a whistling noise. Other times, the internal mechanical components may create a vibrating noise in the chimney. Noise generated elsewhere may pass through the […]

The Difference Between High-, Middle- and Low-Frequency Noise

January 17, 2023
difference between high and low frequency sounds

You’re probably aware that different sounds have different frequencies, but what are they? What’s the difference between high and low-frequency sounds? And what about middle-frequency sounds? If you’ve been wondering about the differences between sounds of varying frequencies and how they affect you, read on. Get a Free Acoustic Analysis What Is The Frequency of […]

How to Control Dog Barking Noise with Soundproofing

January 06, 2023
How to Control Dog Barking Noise with Soundproofing

As cute as the terrier next door may be, their bark can pierce through your walls as you try to relax or work from home. Soundproof Cow specializes in residential soundproofing solutions, so follow our DIY tips on how you can block dog barking noise at your home. DIY Soundproofing Solutions for Eliminating Dog Barking Noises […]

How to Control Sound in Waiting Rooms

November 18, 2022
How to Control Sound in Waiting Rooms

In both office and medical waiting rooms, it’s important to be able to effectively control sound levels. At Soundproof Cow, we’ll help you discover the materials you need to create a quiet and welcoming space for your clients and patients. Why It’s Important to Control Sound in Waiting Rooms All waiting rooms should have some […]

Soundproofing Tips for Busy Cities

October 07, 2022
soundproofing tips for busy cities

Living in a busy city is great for many reasons, but you’ll have to deal with the noise you hear daily. Sound is bound to invade your space when you live in an apartment or home with neighbors and traffic so close by. Fortunately, soundproofing methods and materials can make exterior noise less of an […]

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