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What Are the Loudest Musical Instruments?

October 01, 2021
Loudest Musical Instruments

People of all ages enjoy listening to the soothing sounds of instruments playing together harmoniously. Many musicians spend hours practicing every day so they can become masters of their art form. There are so many instruments that create beautiful sounds, but many of them can be loud. If you’ve ever noticed the seating arrangement of […]

How to Soundproof Your Food Truck

September 24, 2021
How to Soundproof Your Food Truck

Are you a proud new owner of a food truck? Congratulations! Food trucks offer a fun and unique way to start a restaurant business. However, before you begin serving, there’s one piece of maintenance you need to do — soundproof your food truck generator. Why Do You Need to Soundproof Your Food Truck? Your food truck generator […]

What Are Soundproof Pods?

September 17, 2021
What Are Soundproof Pods

Do you ever need to get away from the noise that surrounds you throughout the day? Finding a place to immerse yourself in silence is tough while at the office, but there is a solution — soundproof pods. With soundproof pods placed throughout an office or building, people can get away from all the noise […]

How Soundproof Are Concrete Walls?

August 10, 2021
How Soundproof Are Concrete Walls

Chances are, you once lived or currently find yourself residing in a home with concrete walls. That’s because concrete is one of the most common building structures used throughout the country for both homes and businesses. Not quite sure if your walls are concrete or plaster? A quick knock should do the trick! When you […]

Tips for Blocking out Snoring Noises

July 02, 2021
Tips for Blocking out Snoring Noises

A good night’s sleep is one of the simplest joys in life, but sharing a home can present a few obstacles that prevent you from drifting off. Fortunately, there’s hope for those with a snoring partner to reclaim their restful hours. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for snoring and the best […]

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