Does Soundproofing Affect Wi-Fi and Phone Signals?

Does Soundproofing Affect Wi-Fi and Phone Signals
June 03, 2022

As you prepare to soundproof a room, consider the room’s function and aesthetics. You’ll want to maintain the room’s integrity and avoid compromising features with the soundproofing materials.

One important consideration is whether your soundproofing methods will impact the Wi-Fi and phone signals. Luckily, most soundproofing materials have little to no impact on the Wi-Fi and data reception quality. Read on to learn more about soundproofing a room and maintaining strong Wi-Fi and phone signals.

Sound Waves vs. Electromagnetic Waves

Most soundproofing products have little effect on Wi-Fi signals or cell reception since sound and Wi-Fi are transmitted through different wave types.

Sound waves vibrate the air particles. Meanwhile, cellphone data and Wi-Fi signal travel via electromagnetic waves, which are much higher in frequency. The electromagnetic properties allow the waves to pass through dense materials easier than sound waves.

Soundproofing materials limit vibration by filling empty air space and adding mass, making them excellent solutions for reducing extraneous noise while allowing electromagnetic waves to pass through smoothly. Extremely dense or thick materials, like concrete, can still impact phone and Wi-Fi signals traveling through walls.

Soundproofing Products for Strong Wi-Fi and Phone Signals

While most soundproofing materials will not impede your Wi-Fi or phone signals, it’s still important to understand what products may interfere. To maintain a strong Wi-Fi signal, you should avoid using concrete or foil-backed soundproofing solutions.

At Soundproof Cow, we offer numerous high-quality soundproofing materials that can help to keep your room quiet and phone signals strong, including:

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