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Do Soundproofing Blankets Work?

Do Soundproofing Blankets Work
November 15, 2019

Have you been looking for soundproofing solutions for your home or commercial space? Then you may have heard about a sound dampening or acoustic blanket. But you may be wondering, how do sound blankets actually work?

What Are Soundproof Blankets?

A soundproof blanket is just what it sounds like! It’s a large piece of material that’s designed to deaden sound. You can lay soundproofing blankets down on floors or adhere them to walls and ceilings to block unwanted sound.

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How Well Do Sound Dampening Blankets Work?

Soundproofing blankets made with the right material will absolutely work if used correctly. While an acoustic blanket will not prevent all sound from entering or leaving a room, it can dramatically dampen sound. No more being distracted by harsh noises outside! Plus, people on the other side of a sound blanket won’t be bothered by what’s going on inside. It’s a win-win.

Of course, a soundproofing blanket is only as good as its material. That’s why we recommend our Quiet Barrier™ Fiberglass Composite soundproofing blanket made with the highest quality materials.

When to Use an Acoustic or Soundproofing Blanket

So, when is the best time to use a soundproof blanket? They are ideal for areas with lots of hard surfaces and little furniture, like warehouses or construction sites. Sound waves easily bounce off hard surfaces, and without furniture to absorb the sound, the result is a lot of loud, harsh noise.

For example, gymnasiums can be pretty loud places due to people talking and the noise of equipment. This kind of environment can also be challenging to soundproof using conventional means. Soundproofing blankets make it simple to dampen harsh noises.

Trying to record a song, speech or podcast? You may be in a multi-purpose room where permanent soundproofing is not feasible or cost-effective. Instead, you can easily adhere soundproofing blankets to the walls using soundproofing adhesive. Whenever you need reliable sound dampening over doors, ceilings and floors at a moment’s notice, turn to heavy-duty acoustic blankets.

Remember — the more gaps you can cover with your soundproofing blankets, the less sound will be able to get through.

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