Green Glue Versus Mass Loaded Vinyl

Green Glue Versus Mass Loaded Vinyl
May 19, 2023

There are plenty of tips and tricks for soundproofing your space. Whether you want to soundproof a studio, room, vehicle or any other enclosed area, you’ll want to choose the right strategy. Learn the benefits of using Green Glue vs. mass loaded vinyl (MLV) to save money picking the best solution for your project.

What Is Green Glue?

Green Glue is commonly used to dampen sounds and reduce vibrations so you can soundproof walls, ceilings or floors. Like caulk, the product is a viscoelastic compound that dries to the touch but takes time to cure.

Once left to cure, the glue becomes elastic, preventing vibrations from passing through a structure. When the sound waves make contact with the product, the vibrations turn into heat energy instead.

Since Green Glue was created in 1989, it has grown in popularity for its excellent performance and versatility. For example, many new construction or renovation professionals put the product between two pieces of drywall to reduce noise and eliminate sound leaks.

What Is Mass Loaded Vinyl?

Mass Loaded Vinyl is a flexible barrier used for noise reduction. This vinyl sheeting consists of polyvinyl chloride and calcium carbonate embedded with metal particles.

MLV products like Quiet Barrier™ feature a limp, dense design to block or prevent sound transmission from going through a barrier. This versatile sheeting is suitable for installation almost anywhere. It handles vibrations well and eliminates some sounds entirely.

Since it’s easy to install, MLV is often used to add mass to walls, ceilings, and walls requiring soundproofing. It’s most commonly placed between two layers of drywall. You can also use it in vehicles to block sounds made from the car, road noise, or audio.

When to Use Mass Loaded Vinyl Versus Green Glue

Whether you should use MLV or Green Glue depends on the type of sound issue you are having.  Mass Loaded Vinyl is very effective for airborne sounds like television or talking noise.  Green Glue is more effective for vibration control when a full sound isolation system is not within the budget.

When Not to Use MLV or Green Glue

To perform best, both MLV and Green Glue between building materials. MLV needs to be part of an airtight assembly so sound waves arnt simply redirected through seams and cracks.  Green Glue needs to be installed between rigid materials to be effective.  You should avoid sandwiching it between flexible plastics and glass.

Additionally, you should avoid Green Glue in environments where the temperatures are extremely hot or cold. Green Glue needs moderate temperatures to cure after application.   MLV will perform better in scenarios where temperature control is not an option.

As alternatives, consider using a rubber underlayment above an area you want to soundproof or use a soundproof ceiling package instead.

Create the Quiet Space You Crave With Soundproof Cow

Shop Green Glue and Quiet Barrier™ products at Soundproof Cow and place your order today! We use the highest-quality materials to provide the best solutions for your acoustic treatment and soundproofing needs.

Our team is committed to answering your questions. We understand each situation is unique and can give you tailored recommendations for using MLV vs. Green Glue for your project. To learn more, contact our team online.

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