A Beginner’s Checklist for the Perfect Home Recording Studio

Recording Studio Soundproofing
November 30, 2016

Home Recording Studio ChecklistA decade or two ago, the idea of creating your own home recording studio might have seemed prohibitively expensive. In this hi-tech computer age, though, just about everything is possible — even the ability to make a home studio of your very own without breaking the bank. In fact, with just five basic items, you can get started on your quest to make a home studio. Here’s what you need:

 1. A Computer

There’s no getting around this one. The affordability of the home computer is what makes an inexpensive home recording studio possible. Of course, it’s still an expense, so if you already have a computer that will work, you may just want to start with the one you have. Because faster is better, give that computer a good system check and get rid of anything you don’t need that might be slowing it down

 2. DAW and Audio Interface

The Digital Audio Workstation is the reason for the computer. It’s the software you’ll use to record, mix and edit your music. You’ll use the audio interface to connect the computer to what you’re actually using to make the music. Buy a combo to cut down on costs.

 3. Microphones

Once you become more advanced, you’ll have a wide range of microphones for recording different kinds of music, some for vocals, some for drums, etc. To start with, though, just one or two quality mics should do you fine.

4. Headphones

To hear your music, you’ll need closed back headphones to totally isolate the tracks. These headphones don’t provide optimal sound quality, but you can buy a different pair of headphones for that later — once things really get going.

5. Speakers

Pick up some professional studio monitors, rather than traditional commercial speakers, as they will give you a more honest sound for mixing purposes.

As you become more advanced with recording, you may want to add elements, like a pop filter, ear training software or additional microphones, headphones and speakers. For beginners, the five items listed above should be sufficient to get started making some quality recordings.

6. Home Recording Studio Soundproofing

So, with these five items — and whatever cables and accessories you need to make them work — and your instruments, so you’re all set right? You’re almost there, but not quite. There’s still one crucial element that’s not exactly a piece of home studio recording equipment, but it’s still something you can’t do without. We’re speaking of course, of home studio soundproofing. Before your home recording studio is truly a studio, it has to be equipped with soundproofing and sound absorbing materials.

Buy: Studio Foam

You can buy studio foam of all types at Soundproof Cow. We can help you get the right soundproofing materials for your home recording studio to prevent sound interference, produce better sound quality recordings, and reduce distraction.  This will allow you to play, mix and record your music at any volume you need to — without worrying about disturbing family members or neighbors nearby.