How Noise Affects Your Shopping Experience

How Noise Affects Your Shopping Experience
July 05, 2019

Why do music and shopping go together? If you’re a retailer who occasionally or frequently plays music in your store, you probably already have a good idea how noise affects your shopping experience. The research is clear: Music makes shoppers feel good. Even bad music, as long as it is at a pleasing volume and pitch, can have a positive effect. Studies show that shoppers who listen to music are more patient in line, report more positive experiences, and even make more impulse buys.

Studies also suggest that retailers may want to tailor their music to the response they desire from their audience. Classical music creates an atmosphere of quality and expense and may increase sales in stores with high-end merchandise. Pop music can encourage younger people to enter your store more often and stay longer. If you’re not getting the right response from your customers, you may want to consider changing the music.

But noise in shopping locations is not always beneficial for all people. Those with autism and those with audio sensitivity can be quite disturbed and distracted by overhead music. Having music piped in can also be problematic for those with hearing loss, as they may have more difficulty hearing those around them because of the music. So, if you are a retailer, what can you do to reap the benefits of music while not alienating part of your customer base?

How to Improve the Shopping Experience for Customers Who Have Trouble Dealing with Shopping Sound Effects

A lot of the issue can be in how you play your music. Playing the music at a reasonable volume, even a bit softer than a normal listening range, is a way to provide a pleasant accompaniment to shopping without being a distraction. You should also be cognizant of the type of music you are playing. Very fast tempo music may create anxiety among shoppers, which is the last thing you want.

Another thing to consider is appropriate soundproofing. Many people only think of soundproofing as blocking sound so that none can get in or out. In fact, it can mean absorbing and dampening sound, as well. Soundproof Cow has many products, such as our Echo Absorber™ cotton panels, whose function is to trap excess sounds and reverberations.

These are the kinds of sounds that bounce off hard surfaces and sharp angles and interfere with other sounds present, creating an unpleasant mix that makes it hard for people to hear or understand each other. When you have the right sound absorption materials, those harsh sounds are drawn away from your customers, leaving clean, clear sound that will allow them to enjoy the music while still being able to hear one another or to hear themselves think.

With the right approach, music can be a great accompaniment to the shopping experience. For more information on Echo Absorber™ or any of our other Soundproof Cow sound absorption materials, check out the sound absorption pages on our website today.

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