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Soundproofing Solutions for Those With Misophonia

soundproofing for misophonia
January 19, 2018

We all have sounds we find extremely irritating, like nails on a chalkboard or extremely loud chewing. But for sufferers of Misophonia, the problem is much worse. In these individuals, ordinary sounds that other people might find only mildly irritating or not notice at all — like chewing, pen clicking, slurping and the like — can produce massively negative reactions.

How Does Misophonia Affect People?

In most misophonia suffers, the reaction is that fight or flight response that most people have to danger. Anxiety rises, adrenaline starts pumping, sweating becomes more profuse and the person must leave the situation at all costs, not dissimilar to panic attack. As you can imagine, this condition makes daily life extremely difficult for sufferers.

Research on how to deal with misophonia has yielded few solutions so far. Usually, the people closest to the sufferer elicit the worst reactions, so one thing that’s important for loved ones to do is remove themselves from situations where they might subject the sufferer to these sounds, even if it means things like eating or sleeping in a separate room. Exhorting the sufferer to “just deal with it” or “get over it” is not effective.

Another very useful weapon in the fight against misophonia is misophonia soundproofing. Because people with misophonia have so much difficulty in the outside world due to sound sensitivity, it’s very important that they have a safe space in their own home. For the sake of their sanity, these individuals need to know there’s a room or rooms they can enter and be safe from offending sound.

Soundproofing for Misophonia

When soundproofing for misophonia, it’s important to realize you’ll want not only sound-blocking solutions, but sound-dampening solutions, as well. Sound-blocking prevents outside noise from entering, while sound-dampening softens the noise within a room, which can have the effect of making sounds clearer and less harsh. This can be very important for a misophonia sufferer, as even when they’re in the safe confines of their own bedroom, there can be sounds that trigger them.

Soundproof Cow has a wide range of solutions that can help misophonia sufferers. You can find the material you need to soundproof an entire room or an entire home, and you can find solutions that both block and dampen all kinds of noise — not just airborne noise, but vibratory noise caused by impact, as well.

Soundproof Cow is committed to fighting this serious issue. If you or a loved one is suffering from misophonia, we want to help. Please call us at 1-866-949-9269 so we can discuss the best solutions for your specific needs.