How to Soundproof a Duplex

How to Soundproof a Duplex
April 08, 2022

If you live in a side-by-side duplex, noise is a regular part of life. People on both sides of the unit need to be conscious about the amount of noise they make to avoid causing a disruption. You and your neighbors each have to make some adjustments, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do the things you love.

One way you can go about maintaining your regular lifestyle with direct neighbors is by soundproofing the wall between duplex units, as well as your floors, doors and ceilings. Let’s look at how you can address the treatable parts of you’re building most likely to leak sound.


Soundproofing your walls is all about solidifying the barrier that sound needs to work through to reach your neighbor’s unit and vice versa. Here are a few ways to go about soundproofing your walls:

  • Hang acoustic panels to prevent sound transfer while dissipating noise upon impact.
  • Install mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) that adds density, blocks soundwaves and contains noise.
  • Line the inside of your walls with soundproofing insulation to prevent transmission and reduce vibrations.


If footsteps are an issue, soundproofing your floors can help. Flooring underlayment can be installed under hardwood, laminate, tile and carpet floors to prevent sound from passing through while limiting the effects of footsteps and other contact noise.


Sound easily sneaks through the cracks below and beside your doors. There are a few effective ways to soundproof a door:

  • Add door sweeps to seal the gap beneath your doors.
  • Implement door seals that close off your door’s perimeter cracks.
  • Use MLV or acoustic door panels that prevent sound from passing through the surface.

hang acoustic baffles


Airborne and impact noise can enter your home from above. The tips for soundproofing floors we mentioned earlier can reduce the amount of noise created on your neighbor’s end, but what can you do to take charge of the situation? If you have a drop ceiling, installing soundproofing insulation is easy, and it can address both types of noise.

Another solution is to hang acoustic baffles so there’s an extra barrier between you and the noise upstairs. The baffles will also absorb any noise you make so it doesn’t find its way up through the ceiling and floors.

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