How to Design a Meditation Room

How to Design a Meditation Room
May 05, 2023

Meditating helps people put their minds in the right place to conquer their day. If you’re interested in starting a meditation routine or providing a space at work for others to do the same, adding a meditation room is a great step to take. Let’s discuss how you can build a meditation room in your home or office.

Meditation Room Essentials

The ideal meditation room is a peaceful place. As you design your space, consider elements that reduce distractions and keep the mind focused inward.

When choosing the decor, emphasize simplicity and serenity. Use soft colors and avoid excessive patterns. Choosing a simple aesthetic will help you or your coworkers use the meditation space to its full potential.

Auditory distractions are just as intrusive as visual distractions. By taking steps to reduce noise from the next room over or ambient noise from within the room, you can enhance the meditation experience.

Common Sound Issues in Meditation Rooms

One of the most significant noise issues you’ll need to tackle when building a meditation room is noise coming into the room. Even if your meditation area is a separate room, sound can still find a way in. Noise wiggles through cracks and can travel through a thin wall or ceiling.

Noise occurring inside your meditation room can be disruptive, too. A room with large, flat surfaces will reflect even the faintest sounds. If your floorboards are old, they may creak with your every movement.

How to Reduce Noise in a Meditation Room

Unwanted sound transfer, echoes or structural noise can make meditation difficult. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to incorporate soundproofing when you design a meditation room.

Wall Soundproofing

Walls reflect noise on the inside and allow outside noise to enter. To soundproof your mediation room’s walls, try adding the following products:

  • Acoustic panels: A set of foam acoustic panels will absorb sound energy to prevent interior echoing. You can choose art acoustic panels with serene designs to complement your meditation space. Dense acoustic panels can minimize noise transfer, too.
  • Insulation: Installing acoustic insulation in your walls will reduce the noise that gets through.
  • Partitions: If you don’t have a room in your office or home to dedicate exclusively to meditation, you can section off an area using portable acoustic partitions that block noise.

Door Soundproofing

The odds are that your door has air gaps around its edges. These gaps will allow outside noise to breach your zen zone. You can block off your meditation room by installing a perimeter seal around the door and a door sweep beneath it.

Floor Soundproofing

Thunderous footsteps and creaky floorboards can interrupt your meditation. You can reduce the noise from footsteps by softening your hard floors with a carpet or rug. If lifting your floorboards is an option, place joist isolators on the joists. The rubber isolators will absorb structural noise while supporting the floorboards to reduce their squeakiness.

Create Your Peaceful Place With Soundproof Cow

Soundproof Cow carries a wide range of soundproofing materials you can use when designing your meditation room. For help determining which products are right for you or to request a free acoustic analysis, contact us online today!

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