How to Soundproof a Car Engine

How to Soundproof a Car Engine
October 05, 2018

When you think about soundproofing, car engine soundproofing is not usually the first thing that comes to mind, but car noise is a serious issue. Drivers need to contend with both the airborne noise created by a loud engine and the vibratory impact noise that the engine sends through the structure of the car.

Why Would You Need to Soundproof a Car Engine?

So, what’s the big deal? Why does the sound of your car engine matter? Well, the fact is that you have a lot of noise to contend with on the road, from the sounds of other car engines to honking, pedestrians, construction and more. Add that to the sound of your car engine, and you end up with an extreme distraction that could actually affect your ability to perform while driving, potentially causing an accident and damage or injury to yourself or others.

how to soundproof your car

Soundproofing a Car Engine With Sound Dampening Materials

What can you do to soundproof a noisy car engine? At Soundproof Cow, we recommend our Quiet Barrier™ Specialty Composite. We recommend this product because car engines are very loud, and this is the most powerful sound fighter in our arsenal to dampen engine sounds.

It is so effective because it combines four layers of soundproofing protection. It starts with a polyester film layer. This is ideal for a car engine because it is highly heat-resistant and tear resistant while also being superior at blocking high-frequency sound. That means it can stand up to the tough conditions around a car’s engine.

Underneath that, sandwiched between two layers of powerful acoustic foam is our Quiet Barrier™ LD soundproofing material. We have found this material to be one of the best sound blockers you can possibly find.

The two foam layers that surround the Quiet Barrier isolate the barrier form the mounting surface to dissipate impact noise, while also dampening airborne noise. This soundproofing product is so powerful that it is used in applications like construction sites and heavy machinery warehouses, so it definitely has what it takes to quiet that loud car engine.

Soundproof Your Car and Everything Else With Soundproof Cow

It may surprise you to learn that we at Soundproof Cow have ideas about soundproofing cars and car engines. The truth is, we want to apply the magic of great soundproofing to almost everything, and we believe we can. If you’re experiencing unwanted or harsh sounds in any part of your life, from the home to the car to the office and anywhere else you can think of, we want to help. Contact us today to find out how Soundproof Cow can make all of your noise control dreams come true.