How to Soundproof a Rental Property

How to soundproof a rental property
January 12, 2023

You’ve found the perfect apartment, and you love it. The only problem is the constant noise pollution you have to deal with. Whether it’s the bar next door keeping you up with loud music until 3 a.m., the couple upstairs constantly fighting or construction waking you up too early in the morning, excess sound can ruin a great apartment.

But what can you do? After all, you don’t own the place, and leaving in the hopes of finding affordable soundproof apartments for rent is not usually a viable solution. You need a way to tame the sounds coming into your apartment without damaging your landlord’s property in the process. To achieve this, you need renter-friendly soundproofing solutions that actually work.

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Ways to Soundproof Your Apartment Rental

If you want to know how to soundproof a rental space, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are four soundproofing tips that renters can use to keep apartment noise issues at a minimum.

1. Locate the Source of the Sound

While it may seem like the offending noise is coming from everywhere, it probably isn’t. You may be unfortunate enough to be dealing with intolerable noise from multiple sources, but if there is only one area that’s causing a problem, there may be a simple solution that doesn’t require overhauling the entire apartment. For example, if the problem is coming from street noise, simply sealing the windows and walls facing the street with weatherstripping and an acoustic sealant may solve all your problems.

2. Talk to Your Neighbors and Landlord

If the problem is loud apartment neighbors, it’s possible they don’t realize how loud they’re being. Most people consider it reasonable to, for example, turn down their music or TV after 10 PM. Try asking them politely if they wouldn’t mind adjusting the volume, or ask your landlord to do it if you’re not comfortable. It could be that you won’t need soundproofing at all.

3. Try a Sound Machine

There are many varieties of white noise machines you can find on the market today. There are even white noise apps for your phone. These white noise machines and apps can transmit an even, pleasant layer of sound that masks all the harsh noises and makes it much easier to enjoy your surroundings.

4. Soundproof With Non-Invasive Soundproofing Products

If you need real, professional soundproofing products but want to minimize the amount you modify a home that you do not own, that’s okay. You don’t need to know how to soundproof a wall in a rental to enjoy relief.

Soundproof Cow has plenty of soundproofing products that are non-invasive, allowing you to effectively soundproof a room in a rental apartment without tearing the place apart.

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soundproof doors in rental properties

How to Soundproof Doors in Rental Properties

Doors are some of the main culprits of transferring sound in any home, not just rentals. Often, doors are made of thin construction materials and have spaces between the door and the frame. And while these spaces may seem small, they can let unwanted noises in easily, as well as being a contributing factor to energy loss.

If you have a hollow door in your rental property, consider talking to your landlord about changing it to a solid-core door or one that has a better acoustical rating. This can be an expensive option, though, so you may want to take a more economical approach. Here are some of the noninvasive ways you can soundproof a rental room door:

  • Soundproof the door’s perimeter: Gaps around your door will let a lot of unwanted sound into your apartment. You can close these gaps with products like Quiet Door™ Perimeter Seal from Soundproof Cow, which uses silicone and aluminum to reduce noise while working on most types of doors.
  • Add weatherstripping: Weatherstripping is a common and easy-to-use solution for soundproofing gaps between your door and doorframe. Try to buy a high-quality variety to ensure it has the longest useful life possible. Besides blocking unwanted sounds, weatherstripping will also help you save energy when heating or cooling your space.
  • Install a door gasket: A door gasket provides a slightly better yet more expensive solution compared to regular weatherstripping. They fill in gaps between the door and the door frame by permanently attaching to the top and sides of the door jam for a long-lasting, high-quality seal. Since it is a permanent solution, be sure to talk to your landlord before installing it.
  • Use a door sweep: The space between the floor and the bottom of your door can let a lot of unwanted sounds in from beyond. A door sweep like Soundproof Cow’s Quiet Door™ Door Sweep is the perfect solution to overcome this. It’s easy to install and will immensely improve the soundproofing in your apartment.
  • Apply acoustic panels to the door: Adding acoustic panels to your door can help provide the added layer you need to enjoy greater soundproofing in your apartment. Soundproof Cow offers several types of acoustic panels for apartments to help absorb sound while fitting the vibe of your space.

acoustic panels for apartments to fit your decor

How to Soundproof Walls in Rental Properties

When it comes to knowing how to soundproof an apartment, the walls are some of the biggest factors. You could have exterior-facing walls that let in sounds of the outside, like honking horns, sirens and overall hustle and bustle. Or, you could have neighbor-facing walls, that transfer domestic sounds like televisions, stereo systems or even conversations between individuals.

Since soundproofing walls often involves renovating the actual wall, it could seem difficult to soundproof the walls of a rental property. The good news is that there are a few ways you can help absorb sounds that are coming in through your walls. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Hang acoustic panels: Acoustic panels can provide the soundproofing you’re looking for. If you’re concerned about your apartment’s aesthetic, take heart. Soundproof Cow offers Art Acoustic PanelsFabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels and Perforated Acoustic Wood Panels that combine great soundproofing qualities with beautiful appearances that will fit right in with your decor.
  • Fill in gaps in electrical outlets: Closely examine your wall’s electrical outlets for gaps. You can also unscrew the outlet cover to see if there is adequate insulation beneath. Use regular residential insulation to fill in those gaps, or get an even better results in soundproofing with Soundproof Cow’s Quiet Batt™ Soundproofing Insulation.

For more great soundproofing products and ideas for your apartment, contact Soundproof Cow today.

soundproof floors in rental properties

How to Soundproof Floors in Rental Properties

It’s probably impossible to find already soundproofed apartments for rent, but you can make your current apartment more soundproof by focusing on the right areas, including the floor. This is especially important if you have a noisy downstairs neighbor. But you’ll also find that soundproofing your floor can help with sounds coming from any direction, as soundwaves tend to bounce around, echo and reverberate.

Here are some tips for soundproofing floors in rental properties:

  • Lay down thick rugs: Thick rugs are non-invasive and have great potential for soundproofing. If your apartment has floors made of hard materials, then it’s only going to reflect those unwanted sounds and make them more annoying. Thin floors will also be major culprits of hearing unwanted sounds. By laying down rugs, you add some thickness to your floors to block sounds while also creating a softer space that will absorb sounds and reduce echoes.
  • Use furniture to your advantage: Empty spaces are more prone to amplifying unwanted sounds from outside of your apartment. Use soft furniture like beds, couches and cushioned seats to absorb sounds and help stop sounds from downstairs from bothering you throughout your space.
  • Change rooms: As a last resort, you can change rooms in your apartment to better give you the peace you’re looking for when you need it. This tip is more practical if you have a two-or-three-bedroom apartment where you have the flexibility to make those changes. For instance, if your bedroom is directly above or below your neighbor’s TV room, you may be able to enjoy more peace and quiet by moving your bedroom to a different area of your apartment.

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Things to Consider When Choosing Renter-Friendly Soundproofing Materials

There are things to consider when choosing the right soundproofing solution for your needs. First, always be open with your landlord. Ask them questions about the extent to which you can go to achieve better soundproofing. If you’re wondering whether a solution is too invasive, always play it safe and ask them first. This will inform you of the type of materials you can consider for your soundproofing efforts.

You should also consider your goals to help you decide on the direction you’ll take with your apartment soundproofing. Here are some common soundproofing goals:

  • Dampen sound in your apartment: Is the unwanted sound originating within your apartment? You can take the right measures to reduce echo and absorb the sound that you’re creating.
  • Reduce noise getting into your apartment: Is the unwanted sound coming from outside or from one of your neighbors? If so, then you’ll want to do things like fill in gaps and use furniture to your advantage to absorb and block some of those intruding noises.
  • Reduce noise escaping your apartment: There’s always a chance that you could be disturbing your neighbors. In these instances, you’ll want to take measures to absorb and block the sound you’re creating from leaving the boundaries of your apartment.

Achieve your soundproofing goals with Soundproof Cow

Achieve Your Soundproofing Goals With Soundproof Cow

Are you ready to enjoy a freshly soundproofed apartment? Request a free acoustic analysis today and shop our soundproofing materials online to get everything you need for a successful project.

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