Ways to Improve Audio Quality From Surround Sound

Ways to Improve Audio Quality From Surround Sound
December 02, 2022

If your current stereo sound isn’t delivering the cinematic or concert experience you’ve always dreamed of, there are several adjustments and modifications you can make to improve the overall audio quality.

How to Make Your Stereo Sound Better

Here are a few ways to make your stereo sound better and deliver a sound experience that will amaze your friends and family:

  • Move your surround speakers: Your current speakers might not be in the best position for delivering a rich surround sound experience. If your speakers are all on the back wall, try moving them to the side walls to increase the depth of the sound. Keeping them placed a little higher than ear level will also create more of a surround-sound effect.
  • Toe-in your speakers: Along with the location of your speakers, it’s also important to pay attention to appropriately toeing in your speakers. This means ensuring your front speakers are set up at a 22-30 degree angle. Also, keep in mind that you don’t want your speakers directly facing the middle of your seating area.
  • Adjust your subwoofer: If your subwoofer is currently located in the corner of the room, you’ll want to relocate it to the front. The subwoofer will help deliver rich bass sounds and help increase the dimensional sounds from your system.

How Soundproofing and Acoustic Materials Can Help

Along with making adjustments to your surround sound system, adding soundproofing and acoustic materials can help transform your cinematic or concert experience. One way to see if your room would benefit from this addition is to talk or clap and then listen for echoes. If you can hear an echo, you’ll want to add some padding to absorb those unwanted sounds.

Soundproofing materials are designed to dampen and deaden sounds and stop noise transfer so you can enjoy the full experience of your sound system. Meanwhile, installing acoustic panels will help add plenty of style and function to your space. Designed with soft material, these panels will help absorb sound waves, which could ensure a balanced surround sound experience.

Get a Free Acoustic Analysis

Soundproof Cow is your source for the highest-quality soundproofing materials. Whatever sound issues you’re experiencing, we provide a solutions-based approach and tailor our services to fit your specific needs.

Discover how our products can help improve the audio quality of your surround sound system by giving us a call at 866-949-9269 to request a free acoustic analysis!

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