Class A™ Corner Trap Acoustic Foam

You’ve tried it all. Maybe you turned the air conditioning on in the middle of November while shivering through the remainder of the night. Or perhaps you’ve bought a twelve pack of maximum-strength ear buds to pop in your ears during the day. You’ve acquired endless white noise machines, enough ear plugs to supply an entire construction crew and all the free sleeping apps your phone can handle. You’d give anything to stop hearing your noisy neighbors’ shenanigans — but you don’t have to.

What Is Class A™ Corner Trap Acoustic Foam?

Our Class A Corner Trap Acoustic Foam is built to perform. With bold vertical fluting and a triangular column, they’re designed to enhance overall sound quality while providing aesthetic interest on the outside. Slide them conveniently into room corners to improve the sound control in your recording or listening environment.

As with our other line of foam-constructed products, our Class A™ corner trap acoustic Foam absorbs sound to provide a room with maximum soundproofing design and minimal echo and reverberations.

Features and Benefits

You don’t have to be an engineer to use an excellently engineered product. With its slick and simplistic design, even the basic beginner or do-it-yourselfer can make use of our fire-rated corner trap acoustic foam. Simple apply the foam free standing or mount to a given surface — no special materials or tools necessary.
With its unique fluting design, our Class A™ corner trap acoustic foam also serves as professional aesthetic.

Not only does our foam prevent low frequency reverberations, but it has added protection against fires, as well. Constructed of fire-resistant open cell acoustic melamine, our corner trap foam can withstand a constant temperature of up to 320˚F.

We conveniently offer our product in packs of four or eight to provide you with your desired quantity of soundproofing material at one low cost.

Recommended Uses

Our fire-rated corner trap acoustic foam can be confidently used in any room needing extra levels of assurance and protection from both flames and sound. That’s what makes them the ideal fit for a variety of spaces, including home and profession theatres or recording studios, product testing environments, broadcasting rooms and anechoic chambers.

Our product is offered in a variety of sizes, shapes and dimensions to assist you best with your soundproofing project. See a product that catches your eye but want more details? Call or e-mail us for further assistance — we’re happy to help.

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for your rapid response and helpfulness. I very much appreciated it. You have been responsive in every way all through the process. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and your company.

- T. Alexander

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