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Udderly Quiet™ Class A™ Corner Trap 24″ White (Case of 8)

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There’s nothing worse than having a podcast or music recording ruined by some uninvited noise interference or reverberations. That’s why, if you’re setting up a studio, the first thing you should do is make sure the acoustics are good and add soundproofing where necessary.

Complete soundproofing of even a small studio isn’t always easy. It can be particularly challenging in the corners, where hard surfaces (walls) are very close together, making it extremely easy for sounds of different frequencies to bounce off each other and create the very type of interference you’re trying to avoid.

Soundproof Cow has the answer in the form of our 24” white Udderly Quiet Class A™ Corner Trap. This 24” white corner trap has an aesthetically intriguing look and a clean white appearance that will look great in your studio. You’ll get eight to a case, so you can cover the corners of two rooms with these two-foot foam pieces. No installation is necessary. Just drop them in the corners and let them go to work absorbing all that unwanted sound, leaving you with nothing but the melodious sounds you want to project or record.

The problem with other corner traps that you may sometimes encounter is that standard acoustic foam tends to be somewhat flammable and may not be permissible under your building code. That won’t be a problem with this 24” white corner trap foam. It’s Class A™ fire rated, which means it’s much more heat- and flame-resistant and should have no problem being acceptable under your building’s fire codes. These traps are made from melamine foam, which has great sound-absorbing qualities but is a bit tougher when it comes to heat and fire.

Don’t hesitate — your case of fire-resistant, sound-absorbing corner foam is waiting!



Dimensions 1 ft. x 1 ft.
Thickness 17 in.
Height 24 in.
Quantity Case of 8
Color White
Fire Rating Class A™
Availability Usually ships in 7-14 business days
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Udderly Quiet™ Class A™ Corner Trap Acoustic Foam was designed to absorb low frequency sound. Udderly Quiet™ Class A™ Corner Trap is a triangular column, made of high quality acoustic foam that fits into room corners. The Corner Trap design enhances sound quality and aesthetics of a recording or listening environment. Bold vertical fluting adds architectural interest. Udderly Quiet™ Class A™ Corner Trap can be free standing or permanently mounted.

Product Availability

Features / Benefits

Engineered for performance — Udderly Quiet™ Class A™ Corner Trap is a free standing, triangular column that fits into room corners. It is a thick melamine foam product with vertical fluting. The fluted pattern was designed to trap hard to control low frequencies.

Quality — Udderly Quiet™ Class A™ Corner Trap Acoustic Foams are made from the highest quality melamine foam. This foam is consistent in density and firmness so acoustic performance will also be consistent.

Ease of Installation — Udderly Quiet™ Class A™ Corner Trap Acoustic Foams are light weight and can be either free standing or mounted to a variety of surfaces. No special tools or materials are needed.

Architectural Interest — The bold, fluted pattern of the Udderly Quiet™ Class A™ Corner Trap Acoustic Foams creates a visually unique and professional environment.

Flammability — Udderly Quiet™ Class A™ Corner Trap Acoustic Foams are manufactured from melamine foam that has a Class A™ flammability rating. This product passes most building code flammability requirements for exposed materials.

Not just for Professional Studios and Anechoic chambers — Udderly Quiet™ Class A™ Corner Trap Acoustic Foams can be used almost anywhere low frequency reverberation is an issue and strict flammability codes need to be met.

Made in the USA


Great for:

  • Anechoic Chambers
  • Broadcast studios
  • Product Testing Environments
  • Professional and Home Recording Studios
  • Professional and Home Theaters

Installation Details

Tools Needed: Tape measure, Level, Pencil

Materials Needed: PL® Construction Adhesive

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