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Soundproof Vibration Mounts

Vibrations are good if you’re a hippie or a triangle player. Vibrations are bad if you’re: a home owner with a baby trying to do a naptime load of laundry, a musician with a vibrating audio rack that keeps wanting to shimmy off the stage or a worker with a generator that hums so loud it’s impossible to hear yourself think.

Stop the insanity with rubber vibration isolation feet that minimize movement and dissipate sound created by rattling, free-standing enclosures and unruly vibrating equipment. Vibration isolation mounts and feet are easy to use and simply slide under, screw into or stick onto the bottom of the enclosure or vibrating machine you would like to silence. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate a variety of scenarios, and can greatly reduce or eliminate the need to soundproof enclosure walls and upper-level floors. They can also extend the life of your equipment by minimizing unnecessary banging and preventing washing machines from “walking.”

Is something giving out vibrations in your home, business or commercial facility that aren’t so good? Vibratory noise can be some of the most annoying noises in the world — banging, clanging, squeaking, creaking, screeching — and nothing stops it unless you take the offending (and vibrating) thing apart to stabilize whatever is vibrating.

And, as you’ve come to expect, Soundproof Cow has the perfect solution to your vibration noise nightmares!

Made of thermoplastic, an engineered visco-elastic material that will outperform all rubber-based mounting feet, vibration isolating mounts like our Isomount™ Vibration Isolation Feet dissipate noisy vibratory energy immediately. Offering strong dampening qualities, these anti-vibration mounts also provide rigorous shock protection and restoration of system equilibrium in all vertical load applications. Simply attach Isomount™ Vibration Isolation Feet to the undersides of equipment enclosures, machinery and business/home items with small screws or order anti-vibration pads with pressure-sensitive adhesive to peel and place these vibration isolating mounts.

Vibration isolating mounts not only stop irritating vibratory noise, but can also lengthen the life span of machinery by preventing components from constantly striking each other. Even better is the fact that these anti-vibration mounts are applicable for placement in constricted areas without compromising their ability to significantly minimize noise radiation through ceilings, walls, floors and surfaces made of plastic, fiberglass, sheet metal and glass.

So if you’re tired of chasing a “walking” washing machine across your utility room or plugging your ears with squishy ear plugs when working on old, cranky, clanky machinery, or you’re a musician who’s tired of giving your vibrating audio rack the evil eye during rehearsal, call the herd for immediate help at Soundproof Cow today: 1-866-949-9269.

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for your rapid response and helpfulness. I very much appreciated it. You have been responsive in every way all through the process. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and your company.

- T. Alexander

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