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What would you pay to never have to hear that lovely lady downstairs banging on the ceiling with a broom again? And how do you think she’d value never hearing work boots stomp or the sound of the TV through the ceiling? Flooring underlayments are a great floor soundproofing option for hotels, high rises, multi-family homes, office buildings, or any space where you want to block the transmission of airborne and structural born sound from travelling through floors.

Soundproof Cow floor underlayments are easy to install and can be placed in cars or boats, and under any tile, carpet, laminate, hardwood and stone flooring.

Aside from being a great way to soundproof a floor, underlayments can also be used to improve in-room (or in-car) sound quality, make cold floors warmer, and protect against mold, mildew and vapor transmission.

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Impact Barrier QT Flooring Underlayment

Looking for the top choice in soundproofing underlayment by the best hotels and condominiums across the globe? Our Impact Barrier QT offers the highest quality in soundproofing at an affordable price. For use on tile, carpet, laminate, hardwood, and more!

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Impact Barrier Flooring Underlayment LD

Impact Barrier® Flooring Underlayments are ideal for use in the construction, automotive and marine industries to reduce noise from both impact and airborne transmission. Engineered from an extremely durable, yet soft, recycled cotton pad and a heavy barrier material, each sheet is individually hand inspected to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained. Even the adhesive used to bond these products has acoustic qualities due to its permanent elastic nature. This product outperfoms all other foam, fiber or fiber board products available on the market, and provides thermal insulation, to reduce cold floors and decrease energy loss.

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PROFLEX™ 90 is a specialized soundproofing product, intended for use under tile, stone and hardwood finished floors. Constructed of a rubberized membrane that is laminated to a high strength, reinforcing fabric on the face and a siliconized release sheet on the adhesive side, PROFLEX™ 90 is a 90 mil composite that is specially designed to be used under approved thin-sets, mortars, and adhesives for interior and exterior applications of ceramic tile, stone, and brick, and for interior applications of wood flooring to help eliminate the occurrence of cracks and to reduce sound transmission.

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Price: $229.24

Step Above Flooring Underlayment

Step Above® Flooring Underlayment is the most technologically advanced sound blocker available for laminate and engineered flooring systems. Step Above® Flooring Underlayment minimizes airborne and structural borne (footfall) noise and significantly improves in-room sound quality. Step Above® Flooring Underlayment is a composite of durable, dimensionally stable, cross-linked polyolefin resin and a 2-mil Polyethylene vapor barrier, which is easy to install. Step Above® Flooring Underlayment has a peel and place edge lip system to create a sound and moisture barrier. This product requires a limited amount of tools for proper installation. Step Above® Flooring Underlayment offers great protection against mold, mildew and vapor transmission as well as thermal insulation performance to reduce cold floors and decrease energy loss.

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