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Sound Control In Offices

office sound control

  Sound control in an office is more important than ever. There was a time when office soundproofing was not as much of a concern — when executives were locked in individual offices doing their work while the only sound in the outer office was the secretaries clicking away at their typewriters. Today’s office environments are quite a bit different than those of the past. The responsibilities of different employees . . .


Trust the Experts: Things to Consider When Picking an Apartment

picking an apartment

Apartment shopping can be extremely stressful. You have a list of must-haves and deal breakers, plus a budget you have to keep to. You also never know when some other prospective renter is going to swoop in and rent that apartment right out from under you. Still, there are some things to consider before renting so you don’t end up stuck with a lease you’d like to break two days . . .


Three Easy Tricks to Sound Control in Your Gym

sound control for gyms

January is a great time to own a gym. Hordes of people spill in to try to uphold their New Year’s resolutions, and some may even stick around for February and beyond. However, January is also a terrible time for noise at the gym. Even a standard crowd can necessitate a desire to reduce echoes. Without good fitness center sound control, the loud music and clanking weights can actually interfere . . .


Custom Artwork Panels: Telling the Stories of Our Nation


With our Custom Artwork Fabric Wrapped Panels, we have the opportunity to create beautiful pieces of functional art for our customers here at Soundproof Cow. We recently completed a custom panel project featuring a print of the iconic oil painting by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze, entitled: “Washington Crossing the Delaware.”  This painting immortalized a pivotal moment in the American Revolutionary War that took place on December 25, 1776, making Sunday the . . .


Three Inexpensive Ways to Reduce Noise in Your Dorm

When it comes to college, there’s a time to study and a time to party. Unfortunately, your fellow students may be doing one while you need to be doing the other. You can’t request a soundproof dorm, but dorm soundproofing is something you may sorely need on those nights where you have a big test to cram for, but your neighbors are cranking the tunes and partying the night away. . . .

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