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Superior Sound and Vibration Control for Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs

One of the most important issues when it comes to successful nightclubs and restaurants is effective sound control. Sadly, this is also an area often neglected by bar, restaurant and nightclub owners. When your nightclub is in full swing, you want the room to have clean, clear acoustics, not muddled sound and excessive vibration that could irritate your clientele. In your restaurant or bar, you want customers to be able . . .


Automotive Soundproofing and Automotive Sound Dampening

car soundproofing

Cars bring with them differing levels of sound. Many modern vehicles are designed to dampen both exterior and internal noise, while older cars may offer little or no protection from the sounds of your car or the road. If you have a loud car, or one that’s poorly insulated against exterior sound, you may be surprised to learn that there is a solution. Car soundproofing is a real, realistic option, . . .


Sound Control for Indoor Pools

natatorium sound control

There’s a lot to think about when running an indoor swimming pool facility. You need to keep the facility clean, you need to care for the pool itself and the water inside and you need to make sure the facility is safe for visitors — especially children. But one thing people may neglect when caring for an indoor swimming pool facility, however, is the issue of sound control. Why Is . . .


Top Ten Noisiest Jobs

loudest jobs

Unless you’re a librarian, you probably encounter some kind of noise at your job. But clearly, some jobs are louder than others. What are the loudest occupations out there and how loud are they? Here’s a breakdown of some of the loudest professions. 10. Nursery School Teacher Whether you have kids or have just been around them, you probably know that kids can be loud. Young children often haven’t learned . . .


Sound Control In Offices

office sound control

  Sound control in an office is more important than ever. There was a time when office soundproofing was not as much of a concern — when executives were locked in individual offices doing their work while the only sound in the outer office was the secretaries clicking away at their typewriters. Today’s office environments are quite a bit different than those of the past. The responsibilities of different employees . . .

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