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Quick Guide to Soundproofing

Step one in learning to soundproof begins with the Soundproof Cow visual guide to Soundproofing vs. Sound Absorption and a mental image of the space or piece of equipment that you’re looking to silence. If you’ve finally ‘had it about up to here’ with noise seeping through your walls, echoing within your open space and vibrating the thoughts right out of your head and otherwise ruining the golden silence that you deserve – you’re in the right place, and our Quick Soundproofing 101 Guide is a great place to start.

Simply imagine your space and imagine yourself revamping it. Are you soundproofing existing walls? Adding sound absorption foam to the inside of an equipment enclosure? Installing a sweep to soundproof a door? Are you inside the room with the sound or is the sound sneaking in through a wall? With an image of the project you want to tackle in your mind, just follow Soundproof Cow’s Quick Guide To Soundproofing and let the series of links lead you toward the right soundproofing products for your project.

Step 1 – What type of product do you need?


If the Noise or Sound you are hearing is generated in a DIFFERENT space, room or enclosure than you, then you should choose a SOUNDPROOFING PRODUCT. Soundproofing Products stop noise from traveling through walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows.


If the Noise or Sound you are hearing is generated in a SAME space, room or enclosure as you, then you should choose a SOUND ABSORPTION PRODUCT. Sound Absorption Products improve the overall acoustics of the environment by reducing Echo.

Step 2 – What or where are you trying to Soundproof?

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(ex. restaurant or office)

soundproof a room



(ex. bedroom, living area)

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(ex. boat or car)

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