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Water-Resistant Panels 101

September 21, 2022
water resistant panels

Benefits of Waterproof Panels for Soundproofing Waterproof acoustic panels handle two jobs at once by containing all the interior sound while blocking any outside noise. This makes them perfect for rooms or buildings that could benefit from soundproofing and sound absorption. Unlike standard soundproofing materials — which deteriorate, crack or absorb excess moisture — these panels […]

Types of Sound Absorbing Foams

September 21, 2022
types of soundproofing barriers

Types of Sound Absorbing Foams Our other acoustic foams can be used for dock floatation and hull insulation, post insulation and corner padding, packaging padding and anti-static shipping, among other applications. Our current inventory of acoustic foams includes: Buoyancy foams Acoustic buoyancy foams are used in a range of marine and related applications where soundproofing […]

Hanging Baffles 101

September 21, 2022
hanging baffles

What Are Hanging Baffles? Simply said, hanging baffles are noise-absorbing panels meant to be suspended from the ceiling or hung on the wall. Hanging baffles might contain a fiberglass, foam or cotton core. The baffle may be wrapped in acoustic fabric or composed entirely of foam. Our larger baffles contain an aluminum frame to add […]

How Sound-Absorbing Partitions Work

September 21, 2022
how sound absorbing partitions work

What Are Sound-Absorbing Partitions? A soundproof partition is a portable, sound-absorbing wall, usually made from fabrics like cotton or polyester. When sound-absorbing materials like polyester soak up noise, the sound waves turn into small amounts of heat energy instead of bouncing back into the room. They reduce the impact of sound and make it much […]

Benefits of Echo Absorber™ Acoustic Cotton

September 21, 2022
echo absorber benefits

Acoustic Cotton Features and Benefits One of our most cost-effective sound insulation materials, Echo Absorber™ panels and baffles effectively dampen low, middle and high-frequency sounds as well as — or better than — other higher priced man-made materials. Cotton sound insulation is lightweight and offers superior acoustic properties, particularly in areas where loud echoing is […]