Steps to Soundproof a Toilet

Steps to Soundproof a Toilet
October 20, 2023

With some toilet flushes reaching over 76 decibels, these are some of the loudest parts of your home.

Whether you need to focus on work or school or remove this disruption from your sleep routine, learning how to soundproof a toilet is worthwhile. Here’s how to make flushes more discreet at all times of the day.

1. Fill Gaps Around Your Toilet

It’s possible your toilet is creating a headache due to excess rattling. This noise could be coming from where its hardware attaches to the floor or where the base of the bowl meets the ground. Depending on your bathroom setup, you might explore options for filling gaps with noise-proofing compounds.

If you’re in the process of redoing your bathroom or you want to update the flooring, you can apply soundproofing glues and adhesives to fill these gaps in a cost-effective way and reduce vibrations traveling between surfaces.

2. Add a Seal or Sweep Under the Bathroom Door

Home bathrooms are often close to living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, so a loud toilet may disrupt movies, games and conversation. Also, your guests may be embarrassed to use the bathroom when your toilet can be heard from nearby. A simple solution to this problem is to fasten a door seal or sweep below the bathroom door.

Seals and sweeps make it harder for sound to travel from one room to another, as they close off the gaps between doors and the floor. This solution is also helpful because attaching the product only takes a few minutes.

3. Wrap Pipes in Soundproofing Materials

Your residential plumbing network runs behind walls, underneath floors and possibly across multiple levels. If you’re tired of hearing water rushing through PVC pipes near your bedroom or cast iron connections vibrating excessively when you’re trying to read, you can locate exposed pipes coming from your toilet installation and cover connections in materials like Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap to reduce noise levels.

This product can effectively solve the toilet sound issue thanks to its polyurethane foam layer and adhesive backing.

4. Hang Up Acoustic Panels

Are you a fan of hanging canvas paintings and artwork throughout your bathroom? You have the opportunity to absorb unwanted noise from loud toilets by swapping these decorations out for acoustic panels.

These panels come in different sizes and materials based on the manufacturer. Go with fabric or perforated wood panels to complement your home’s aesthetic and reduce the chance of noise from the bathroom disturbing high-traffic rooms.

Select companies, like Soundproof Cow, let you customize acoustic panels with your own images to keep your home looking original.

5. Use Hanging Baffles With Tall Ceilings

There’s a chance your toilet echoes due to high ceilings in the bathroom. This can be annoying when you’re the one using the bathroom or you happen to sleep on the opposite side of a shared wall.

Hanging baffles are outstanding tools for mitigating unwanted reverberations and reducing noise. These solutions are similar to acoustic panels, except hanging baffles dangle from the ceiling via hooks. These products are also useful for loud sinks and showers.

Soundproof Your Toilet With Soundproof Cow

At Soundproof Cow, we offer tailored solutions for life’s noisiest problems. Our team thrives on exceeding your expectations for soundproofing technology and carries one-of-a-kind products for any size budget. No matter if you’re new to do-it-yourself projects or you’re a professional contractor, we have materials to fit your soundproofing needs.

Shop with Soundproof Cow today or mooooove to our contact page to ask us a question!

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