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Why Sound in Movies Is So Powerful

October 05, 2017
Sound Effects in Movies

When you think about the movie “Jaws,” what comes to mind first? One of the most popular answers is that unmistakable sound — dun dun, dun dun. While only some movie scores become a part of pop culture, as is the case for “Jaws,” all film scores create an ambiance and atmosphere that draws you […]

Why We Lose Our Hearing

September 27, 2017
Why We Lose Our Hearing

What’s one of the most common health concerns in the United States? You may be surprised to learn it’s hearing loss. Around 48 million people in the country — that’s 20% of the population — have trouble hearing. So, what causes our loss of hearing, and can we prevent it? How We Hear To understand […]

The Speed of Sound – How Fast Sound Travels In Different Materials

September 22, 2017
how fast sound travels through different materials

You probably remember from your science classes in school that the speed of sound is a constant. However, that constant speed is not necessarily the speed at which the sound reaches you. The material which sound is transferred through must be taken into consideration. For example, how does density affect the speed of sound? Since […]

How Soundproofing Benefits Auditory Learners

August 24, 2017
How Soundproofing Benefits Auditory Learners

People learn in different ways. Some people learn by doing, others learn by seeing and a unique few learn by listening. Teachers may employ different lessons to engage these varied learning styles, but most overlook a simple solution for auditory learners — soundproofing. Here, we’ll outline some basic insight into the different learning styles, as well […]

How to Solve Noise Pollution

August 11, 2017
How to Solve Noise Pollution

People pay attention to other types of pollutions — like the notable effects of air and environmental pollution — but the dangers associated with noise pollution are often overlooked. The effects of noise pollution can be quite harmful, and it’s important to consider ways to reduce these effects. Here, we’ll outline important noise pollution facts, as well as some ideas on how you […]

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