The Best Materials for Soundproofing

Best Materials for Soundproofing
July 07, 2023

Can you hear your roommate’s band practice, neighbors singing in the shower, work peers having a party, traffic down the road or hammering of construction? Soundproof Cow offers a way to enjoy peace and quiet with the best soundproofing materials. Learn how these solutions can reduce or absorb noise in your surroundings.

1. Insulation

One of the best soundproofing materials for walls is insulation. You can also use insulation as an underlayment for floors. Here are some effective options you can choose when you want to reduce noise in a room or throughout your entire property:

  • Mineral wool: Mineral wool is a popular insulation for slowing the movement of sound and vibration. It comes in board, batt and blown-in options.
  • Spray foam: Spray foam offers a continuous, full coverage seal with greater air tightness and excellent thermal control characteristics. The low-density insulation option expands to fit hard-to-reach places and strengthens the structure where you install it.
  • Green glue: Green glue offers a more cost-effective option for new construction and renovation projects. The unique properties act as a dampening material to dissipate vibrations caused by sound waves.

2. Sweeps and Seals

Cracks near doors provide a way for noise to filter through. You can close the gap when you invest in materials for soundproofing, such as caulking or sweeps and seals. Review these top options to find the perfect solution:

  • Acoustic caulk: An acoustic caulk sealant offers an easy and inexpensive way to seal air gaps in window and door frames. When applied to the gap between the interior window frame and the interior wall, the material reduces sound transmissions.
  • Door sweeps: Door sweeps seal the gap between a door’s panel and sill. You can install standard options or automatic door sweeps, which mechanically activate when a door closes to improve sound absorption.

3. Decoupling Clips

Sound transfers the most when it can move from material to material. Decoupling in a sound isolation system works by separating objects to isolate noise, breaking the path of noise transfer and improving sound quality. Here’s what you need to accomplish these results:

  • Resilient sound clips: Resilient sound clips decouple one side of a structure from the other in wall joists and ceilings. They allow each side to vibrate independently and cut down on sound transfer.
  • Metal furring channels: Metal furring channels snap into the clips in the drywall. Also called a floating wall or ceiling, this system creates a barrier to prevent noise from traveling.

4. Decor Items

Decorations offer an easy and temporary way to absorb sound in a room. As one of the most effective options, acoustic panels designed to look like art or boards can reduce the reflections of noise on a wall or ceiling. You can dampen more noise in a space by adding fabrics or cloth with drapes, tapestries, rugs, and furniture.

Check Out Soundproof Cow’s Soundproofing Materials

If you want to soundproof your space and create the best results possible, contact the team at Soundproof Cow. Our experts gain an understanding of your situation to provide recommendations and advice suiting your goals.

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