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Sound Control for Indoor Pools

March 10, 2017
natatorium sound control

There’s a lot to think about when running an indoor swimming pool facility. You need to keep the facility clean, you need to care for the pool itself and the water inside and you need to make sure the facility is safe for visitors — especially children. But one thing people may neglect when caring […]

Top Ten Noisiest Jobs

February 24, 2017
loudest jobs

Unless you’re a librarian, you probably encounter some kind of noise at your job. But clearly, some jobs are louder than others. What are the loudest occupations out there and how loud are they? Here’s a breakdown of some of the loudest professions. 10. Nursery School Teacher Whether you have kids or have just been […]

Three Easy Tricks to Sound Control in Your Gym

January 06, 2017
Three Easy Tricks to Sound Control in Your Gym

January is a great time to own a gym. People spill in to try to uphold their New Year’s resolutions, and some new members may even stick around for February and beyond. The new crowds alongside your usual members might necessitate a desire to reduce echoes in your facility. Without good fitness center sound control, loud […]

Custom Artwork Panels: Telling the Stories of Our Nation

December 22, 2016

With our Custom Artwork Fabric Wrapped Panels, we have the opportunity to create beautiful pieces of functional art for our customers here at Soundproof Cow. We recently completed a custom panel project featuring a print of the iconic oil painting by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze, entitled: “Washington Crossing the Delaware.”  This painting immortalized a pivotal moment […]

Autism Awareness And Sensory Overload

April 12, 2016
Autism Awareness Blog Header

With the latest DC Comic character release, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we naturally want to go back and analyze the history of these superheroes. As a company sensitive and attuned to sound, Superman’s heightened sense of hearing struck a chord with us. So we rewound to 2013’s film, Man of Steel, to learn […]