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Does the Type of Glass Used in a Window Impact Sound Reduction?

June 01, 2018
best glass for sound reduction

Windows do more than provide you with a glimpse of the outside world. Choosing the right glass for your windows is essential. From the level of glare you’ll receive throughout the day to the sturdiness and durability of your piece, it’s vital always to know the specs and details of your windowpanes before you purchase […]

Sound Blocking vs. Sound Absorbing

May 18, 2018
Sound Blocking vs. Sound Absorbing

When you’re on the market for materials that will soundproof your room, you might often see the terms “sound blocking” and “sound absorbing” in different product descriptions. On the surface, these two phrases may seem interchangeable. They both appear to offer the same solution: sound reduction. However, sound blocking and sound absorption products provide two […]

Purpose of Egg Carton Shape for Soundproofing

April 20, 2018
Purpose of Egg Carton Shape

You might have heard the old myth that egg cartons help reduce noise and provide an excellent substitute for the conventional soundproofing materials on the market. Even though the idea of filling your room with egg cartoons may seem silly, many soundproofing materials do in fact mimic the shape of these cartons to better improve […]

Tips for Soundproofing a Bedroom

March 02, 2018
How to soundproof a bedroom

Your master bedroom is your haven. When you come home from a hard day at work, the first place you walk towards is often your room. You kick off your shoes, change into your pajamas, and click on the television to enjoy your favorite sitcom for the night. When you wrap yourself in the warmth […]

Top 10 Noisiest Cities in the World to Live

February 21, 2018
loudest cities in the world

What are the loudest cities in the world? If you live in a big city, you probably think yours should make the list of the world’s loudest cities. Anyone who lives in a city knows they can be loud places to live — between the traffic, construction and people bustling about, noise pollution is almost […]