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Soundproof Door Sweeps and Seals Guide

September 21, 2022
door seals and sweeps

What Are Door Seals and Sweeps? Soundproof door seals reduce the air and sound transferred through entrances by lining the perimeter of doors with aluminum and silicone. Door seals are DIY soundproof materials with which you install using household hand tools. All you need to do is a little pre-drilling for attaching soundproof door seals, […]

Types of Sound Dampening Materials

September 21, 2022
sound dampening

Types of Soundproofing Materials Different materials have different effects on sound. Your soundproofing needs will depend on your goals. For example, if you’re a guitar player who likes to rock out in the middle of the night, you’ll want to focus on keeping sound in, and you’ll also want to improve the acoustics in the […]

How to Soundproof Water Heater Noise

September 16, 2022
how to soundproof water heater noise

Water heaters can be noisy. You may hear crackling or popping from your boiler as it naturally builds sediment over time. Knocking or vibrations can occur when air becomes trapped in the water heater’s pipes or after sudden pressure changes. Plus, the vibrations can loosen the heating element, causing it to hum. No matter the […]

Why Do Loud Noises Cause Headaches?

September 02, 2022
Why Do Loud Noises Cause Headaches

Aching, nauseating, pounding — headaches can really throw off your day. A headache can happen for numerous reasons like stress, weather changes, alcohol use and bright lights, but sound is one of the most common triggers. Keep reading to learn why noise can cause or exacerbate a headache. Loud Noise and Headaches A headache is […]

What Is Ligyrophobia?

August 19, 2022
What Is Ligyrophobia?

Ligyrophobia — sometimes called phonophobia, sonophobia or acousticophobia — is the fear of loud noises. The term comes from the Greek word for “sharp,” like a piercing sound. While ligyrophobia is rare, it can be highly disruptive to those who experience it. Symptoms differ from case to case, but those with ligyrophobia may experience or display: […]

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