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Constructing A New Way to Quiet Your Home

constructing a new way to quiet homes
March 17, 2016

Construction is one of the longest operating industries, dating back to the first huts and even toilets dug. Years and technology have enabled those in the construction and contractor industry to forecast issues that would otherwise cause discomfort, harm and tremendous problems for clients. One such area for concern is sound. While the construction site is known for being a loud area during operation due to equipment, machinery and heavily involved teams, all that noise can eventually silence the interior space of a complete home. As an expert in the construction field, it’s up to you to provide expert advice and solutions. And as experts in the soundproofing industry, it’s up to us to enable you to do just that.

A kid practicing drums shouldn’t have to interfere with someone taking a nap on the other side of the wall. When someone is trying to relax during a yoga session, the sounds of barking puppies at a dog salon from the adjacent building of a strip mall shouldn’t interfere with one’s timeout.

Well, peace and quiet in the home and other establishments now have a name, for all you contractors and construction workers reading this, and it’s Quiet Batt®.

Last month we introduced Quiet Batt®– the greener, friendlier and quicker way to install and insulate and soundproof a home.

But your client may not just be residing in the average American 2,000 sq. foot home. Your client may be constructing a:

  • Broadcast Studio
  • Commercial Recording Studio
  • Commercial Theater
  • Equipment Enclosure
  • Multi-Family Dwelling
  • Office
  • Restaurant

All these edifices deal with the common denominator of human interaction. There are conversations happening. There is the need for privacy between walls, between booths. In other words, all of the spaces above require a product that doesn’t affect the quality of acoustics while at the same time soundproofs the space, absorbing the sound in all the cavities in the walls and ceiling so that no noise transfers from one place to the next.

As with most insulation products, the most advantageous and effective time to install is as you are building from the ground up as Quiet Batt® resides between studs and behind drywall. However, it really is easy to install for you, (even as a standalone product it outperforms standard fiberglass, cellulose and foam insulations), it should be equally easy for your clients to choose as this product has many long term benefits.

Not only is it a green product made of 80% recycled materiel, but it will save energy for your customer keeping their house or building warmer in the winter, cooler in the winter.

Others perception have about your industry missing deadlines? With Quiet Batt®, its class A™ flammability rating helps pass most building flammability requirements for exposed materials.

Between that, the competitive pricing and the safe handling and quick shipping, this is an excellent product for your team, your clients and the environment.

Tell them you heard it from the herd.