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How to Block out Noise While Sleeping

How to Block out Noise While Sleeping
August 16, 2019

Unwanted sound and loud noise can be a problem for the sleep cycle. Unfortunately, we now live in a society where noise is ever present, especially if we live in an urban environment.

How to Sleep With Noise Tips

Today, to get healthy sleep, we need to learn how to sleep through noise and how to reduce noise while sleeping. Here are some tips on how to block out sound when sleeping:

  • Do Deep Breathing Exercises: If getting to sleep with noise is the challenge, try deep breathing. Slowly breath in for a count of three, then breath out for a count of three. Repeat this a few times, increasing the count until you feel totally relaxed.
  • Practice Meditation: Meditation has been known to have a variety of health effects and may promote better sleep even in noisy environments. By turning your focus inward, you can learn to shut out the sounds of the outside world.
  • Use White Noise: White noise machines blanket your room with frequencies so harsh noises do not stand out and disturb you. These machines offer a variety of frequency-blanketing options and are great for helping you get to sleep and stay asleep. You can purchase a white noise machine in a store or online. Or, you can even get a white noise app for your phone.
  • Try Noise Canceling Headphones: Today’s noise-canceling headphones’ ability to block out sound is truly remarkable. If you can find a comfortable pair, you can slip them on and disappear into a quiet world for sleep.
  • Wear Yourself Out: The best way to get to sleep at night, even with noise, is to be tired. Make sure you exercise and get lots of light during the day, so you are ready to sleep when night comes — even if it’s noisy.
  • Rearrange Your Furniture: The answer could be as simple as moving your bed as far from the door or wall where the offending sound is emanating from as possible. You can also use other furniture to block noise from coming in by placing it against walls where the intruding sound is greatest.

All these tips can be very helpful for those trying to block out outside noise and get to sleep, but each person needs to find the techniques that work for them. Of course, another solution besides trying to block out all that noise is reducing the amount of sound you hear at night.

Methods to Sleep Through or Reduce Noise

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