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How to Decrease the Sound of Your Gaming System

November 18, 2020

Every new console generation brings vast hardware improvements, but even the best gaming systems or PCs will become noisy after months of heavy use. Understanding why noise happens can help you find solutions that make your gaming system quiet. Read on to pick up a few tips from Soundproof Cow on how to reduce noise from your gaming system or PC.

What Causes Noise in Gaming Systems?

Before we discuss ways to reduce noise coming from your gaming console or PC, let’s consider the problems that make it so loud.

Your gaming system builds up heat as you use it. Consoles and computers use fans to move heat away from their processors, graphics cards and motherboards, but these devices can be loud when they’re overworked. Fans may also wiggle loose or break, and sometimes they’re just too small for the job. The PS4 was notorious for its noisy fan, but any console — or electronic equipment in general — can have this problem.

5 Tips for Reducing Gaming System Noise

Here are a few easy-to-implement solutions that will make your gaming system quieter and improve its longevity:

  1. Move games to a hard drive: Making your console quiet can be as easy as plugging in an external hard drive. When your system’s storage is full of large game files, it’ll take more energy to function and produce more heat, sending your fan into overdrive. You can reduce strain on your system by saving your games to an external hard drive. These drives make some noise of their own, but not nearly as much as an overheated console.
  2. Avoid obstructing console fans: If your gaming system doesn’t have adequate breathing room, it’ll take more effort to cool itself off. Ensure your console or computer’s fan is free of obstruction to promote air circulation and prevent it from overheating. Consider using cable magnets or zip ties to consolidate wires around your console or PC. You can help make your gaming system quiet by giving it room to breathe.
  3. Clean with compressed air: Over time, your console or computer will accumulate dust in its ports, around its fan and on inside components that can be difficult to wipe clean. To get rid of this dust, turn your system off, unplug its cables and spray its tough-to-reach nooks and crannies with compressed air. You may not get everything, but clearing out even some of that buildup will allow your system to function at a higher level.
  4. Modify your PC fan: PC gamers have the luxury of increased customization capabilities over console players. Installing a quiet case fan, a fan speed controller or anti-vibration mounds will help achieve maximum airflow through your vents and minimize computer fan noise.
  5. Soundproof your doors: Some gamers need absolute silence to focus, but gaming can be a loud activity even with a silent console. If you’re interested in minimizing the amount of sound that enters – or exits – your household gaming room, consider a soundproofing solution. Install soundproofing blankets, fiberglass or acoustic foam that will absorb noise from your teen’s bedroom or prevent the loud neighbors from disrupting your Twitch stream.

Try High-Quality Soundproofing Solutions From Soundproof Cow

Console and PC gamers alike can benefit from implementing a few smart ideas to keep their machines cool and minimize disruptive noises from their ventilation systems. For more noise-reduction tips, check out Soundproof Cow’s blog or contact a soundproofing expert to discuss solutions for gaming rooms, offices and every space in between.