How to Soundproof Water Heater Noise

how to soundproof water heater noise
September 16, 2022

How to Soundproof Water Heater Noise

Water heaters can be noisy. You may hear crackling or popping from your boiler as it naturally builds sediment over time. Knocking or vibrations can occur when air becomes trapped in the water heater’s pipes or after sudden pressure changes. Plus, the vibrations can loosen the heating element, causing it to hum. No matter the noise, a loud water heater can be frustrating, so consider our ideas for addressing water heater noise.

Wrap the Water Heater

Covering your water heater with something soft and absorbent will prevent vibrations and limit the amount of airborne noise that can travel. The heavier the material you use to wrap, the better. You have a couple of viable options when wrapping your water heater.

  • Soundproofing insulation: While many water heaters come with exterior insulation, some don’t. Fitting your noisy water heater with insulation is a great place to start if it doesn’t have insulation already. Even if it does, you can improve the effect by replacing the existing material with soundproofing insulation.
  • Fiberglass blankets: fiberglass blanket is thicker, denser and stronger than a traditional blanket. Plus, it features mylar facing on one side for optimal safety against your water heater.

Soundproof the Room Containing the Water Heater

Your water heater will be less of a nuisance if its noise stays in a confined area. Soundproofing the room that holds your noisy water heater will help you mitigate the problem. Fortify all walls and ceilings so they hold sound in. You’ll also want to fill any cracks that leak noise, especially those under and around the door. These materials are the best products to try for each surface or space that can leak water heater noise:

Keep Up With Maintenance

While soundproofing can help, remember the importance of regular water heater maintenance. A professional technician can ensure your water heater operates at its best without making noise. When you know your technician has done all they can to leave you with a quiet water heater, leave the rest to the soundproofing professionals.

Reduce Noise From Your Water Heater With Soundproof Cow

At Soundproof Cow, we develop and sell materials that you can use to reduce water heater noise and the amount you notice it. Our durable, fire-safe soundproofing products can help you feel more comfortable at home, so shop online or get in touch to learn more.

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