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Ideas to Soundproof a Gaming Room

October 02, 2020

Gaming is noisy to say the least. Whether you’re engaging in a direct attack through enemy lines or busting a move to the latest tunes, there’s nothing like cranking up the volume to truly immerse yourself in the experience. If your neighbors start complaining about the noise, you could turn down the volume — but where’s the fun in that? A soundproof gaming setup will reduce the noise transfer from all your favorite games so that others can have peace and quiet as you play into the wee hours.

Noise reduction for gaming has many essential benefits. For one thing, it’s more courteous to neighbors, family members and roommates. Plus, if you happen to engage in some intense gameplay or stream your skills online, a soundproof gaming room will keep distracting noises out.

Whether you want to soundproof a gaming room for yourself or your kids, here are some ideas to make it happen.

Trap Noise Inside With a Sound-Dampening Door

Most of the noise entering and exiting your gaming room will likely slip through the door, which is why soundproofing your entrance is a good place to start. A variety of items can block sound from passing through this surface. For instance, door sweeps and perimeter seals target weak areas like the bottom of the door and gaps around the edges.

Solve the Problem of Sound-Leaking Windows

Windows are another major noise source for gaming rooms, which is especially problematic in locations with noise-sensitive neighbors. Most double-pane windows have large air spaces that allow sound to pass right through. Unfortunately, replacing your windows with noise-canceling options is not the most practical solution. Instead, you should soundproof them. Hang soundproofing curtains or blankets over the windows, or try applying an acoustical sound sealant.


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Treat Your Gaming Room to Some Soundproof Walls

If you’ve soundproofed your door and windows but loud sounds are still seeping out, it’s time to focus your attention on the walls. Thin walls offer little to no noise reduction, but you’ll find that wall soundproofing is effective and easy, even if you’ve never done it before.

One great solution is acoustic foam panels, which are often used in music rooms. These sound-dampening insulators absorb multiple frequencies and minimize reverb to keep sound from escaping. If you need a more powerful solution, try lining all your walls with soundproofing material.

Don’t Forget Your Floor and Ceiling

If there are rooms below or above your gaming room, they’re bound to be affected by the noise. Simple solutions can help, such as laying heavy mats or rugs on the floor. That said, an impact barrier underneath your flooring may be a better solution. Echo absorbers also offer superior noise reduction qualities wherever you place them — ceilings, walls, windows, doors — you name it.

Create Your Perfect Soundproof Gaming Setup With Soundproof Cow

If all the pew pews and zip zaps are making for cranky neighbors or unhappy housemates, Soundproof Cow is here to help. We can give you tips on creating a great gaming room while the rest of your house enjoys the sweet sound of silence. Now that you’ve heard about our udderly incredible soundproofing services, get mooooving and contact us today!


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