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Acoustic Panels

Udderly Quiet™ Acoustic Art Panel

If you are looking for the most vivid print custom art acoustic panels, you have found them. The process is actually simple. Choose and Upload your image, give us the dimensions and in 3-4 weeks you will have your Acoustic Art! If you would like your Art panels to be interchangeable, check out ADAPT™ Acoustical Treatments.

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Image Requirements

One of the most important aspects of your decorative acoustic panels is the image you choose. Once you have requested your quote and are ready to select images for your custom printed acoustic panels, you will talk with one of our acoustic specialists to help you find an image that fits the image requirements for the fabric wrap for your acoustic wall art panels. The right image dimensions and type are crucial for accurately printing the image on your fabric wrap, but we will work with you to help you meet the full image requirements for the picture you want.

  • File Type
  • DPI
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Wrap Style
  • Image Size

How to Upload Your Image

Ok. So now you are ready to upload your image. We need to create an account for you and walk you through the easy 3-step process! Contact us at 1-866-949-9269.

You Should Know

Our decorative acoustic panels are about more than just hiding the fact that you are using acoustic panels to control the sound in a room. They provide you with real artwork you would be proud to display even if they were not acoustic wall art panels. That means we insist every one of the custom printed acoustic panels we deliver looks great, and we make sure of that in a number of ways, including:

  • Industry leading true to color printing — True color means a more realistic, natural-looking and better-looking picture.
  • 100% UV protected — UV rays can severely damage artwork. We have technology in place to help prevent that from happening.
  • 25-year No Fade guarantee. — In line with our commitment to UV protection, we design these images not to fade, and we stand behind that promise.
  • Cleanable — Clean these panel skins as needed without worrying about fading the image.

Image Sources

Need help selecting an image? Contact our design team.
We are willing and able! 1-866-949-9269.

Size Options

We can make your acoustic wall art panels in a selection of sizes, offering a number of options with respect to the length, width and thickness to accommodate the needs of different rooms where you may mount your decorative acoustic panels. Those size options include:

  • 1 and 2 inches thick
  • Up to 4 ft. x 10 ft.
  • Large format available with an Aluminum Frame

Ordering Information

The first step in getting your art acoustic panels is requesting a quote. This lets our specialists know some details about the kind of acoustic wall art panels you need and lets us tell you what to expect so you can budget accordingly. Once the quote is out of the way, we can move forward to designing and fabricating the panels rather quickly.

We will need to know the Art Acoustic panel dimensions and your shipping address. We will not need to know the exact image for the quote. One of our Acoustic Guys will contact you when your quote is ready. Quotes usually only take about an hour!

If you need a quote quickly and would rather talk to a warm body, then dial 1-866-949-9269. We are here to help!

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Tired of those plain old boring fabric wrapped acoustic panels? Now Your ART can be Beautiful and Functional. Art acoustic panels have the same acoustic performance as our fabric wrapped options. Our DyeFusion™ technology promises rich, true to color images. Enjoy a 25 year fade guarantee! If you would like Your ART panels to be interchangeable, check out ADAPT™ Acoustical Treatments.

Tech Specs

Here is some technical info you probably don’t want to read but should know.

Size Availability: Up to 4 ft. x 10 ft. Large Format with Alum. Frame

Thickness: 1 inch and 2 inch

Tolerance: +/- 1/4 inch

Core: Acoustical Glass Mineral Wool

Covering: Custom Printed Acoustic Fabric

Edge Detail: Resin Hardened

Edge Profile: Square, Bevel, Rounded

Mounting: Adhesive, Z-Clip, Hook and Loop, Magnet

General Application: Walls and Ceilings

Mounting Surfaces: All surfaces including drywall, brick and concrete

Flammability: Class A™ – Does not exceed 25 flame spread, 50 smoke developed when tested in accordance with ASTM E84, UL 723 and NFPA 255

Indoor Air Quality: Certified as a low emitting product by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute to both the GREENGUARD Certification Program and the more stringent GREENGUARD Children and Schools standard.

Green Information:

Our Acoustical Glass Mineral Wool is made with 50% Recycled Post-Consumer materials. In other words, the same bottles you recycle every week! The other 50% of our Acoustical Glass Mineral Wool is made from one of the most abundant renewable resources on the planet- sand. The Binder used in the Acoustical Glass Mineral Wool reduces embodied energy by 70%, which means there’s 70% less binder agent needed when compared to other glass wools and acoustic fiberglass products. Printed Acoustic Fabrics are 15% Recycled Polyester.

Acoustic Performance: NRC .80 – 1.00

Great for:

  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Churches
  • Conference Rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Gymnasiums
  • Lecture Halls
  • Homes
  • Home Theaters
  • Recording Studios

Acoustic Data

thickness covering density 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC*
1 inch fabric 6 lbs .05 .26 .77 1.04 1.04 1.03 0.80
2 inch fabric 6 lbs .25 .89 1.17 1.16 1.10 1.08 1.10

* NRC = noise reduction coefficient

Alton Polly

I own a restaurant and it is an echo chamber. There is always sound bouncing around in there. I wanted to take care of it and when I called in and was told I needed panels I was unhappy. I didn’t want anything to change the décor of the restaurant. I spent a good amount of time talking to Kellen at Soundproof Cow about what I wanted and he kept telling me about these Art panels. He told me it could be any image I wanted as long as it was a good enough quality image. So I figured I would give it a shot and what a good choice I made. People come in all the time and talk about how much they love the paintings on the walls, and then I have to correct them and they don’t believe me that they’re acoustic panels. I only wish I had a bigger restaurant so I could use more panels.


Mr. Eschler

I built myself a retirement present and designed a home theater. Got everything built exactly the way I wanted, went to turn on my first movie and the noise was terrible, sound was bouncing around in that room. All this time spent and I didn’t think at all about acoustics. I called into Soundproof Cow and talked with Kellen and he was great. First thing he suggested to me was the Art panels, told me about how customizable it was and how great a quality of image, and it was going to serve a purpose of calming down all the “reverberation” is what he called it. I decided I was going to use images of some of my favorite movies when I was a kid and had them as “posters” on the wall like an old time movie theater. They came out so great, it’s exactly what I wanted it to look like. Thanks for making an old man happy.


Mark Schultz

I was so impressed with the Art Acoustic Panels that were done for me by Soundproof Cow, the quality of the image is amazing, and not to mention that they are working great at getting rid of the echo we had in our lobby. We plan on ordering more shortly.


Abby Thatcher

I loved the Art panels, the only thing that went wrong was with the unlimited options for me to choose from, it was difficult deciding what images I wanted to put on the panels.

"The times I talked with you on the telephone and corresponded through email you have been very helpful and efficient. I would highly recommend Soundproofcow.com to anyone!" S. CIMINO, LA