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Soundproofing Solutions for Coffee Shops

December 15, 2016

Owning your own coffee shop is a dream for many — a little place where people can come to get a cup of coffee or a bite to eat and share good conversation with friends for a while. Perhaps you built your coffee shop from the ground up, taking an old, unwanted store front and turning it into a thriving hub of activity.

However, the problem is a thriving community is often loud, and a loud coffee shop may not be what your customers want. While a loud coffee shop usually means a busy coffee shop — not always, it could be noise from the street that’s the problem — there are problems associated with loud noises that could become a big issue for your continued success.

The Problem With a Loud Coffee Shop

In a loud coffee shop, a relaxed atmosphere can quickly turn into a frustrating one for several reasons:

  • Servers can’t hear orders.
  • People can’t help but eavesdrop on other tables’ conversations.
  • People have trouble hearing their own conversations.
  • Activity on the street distracts everyone.

To reduce echoes in your coffee shop and dampen down that excess noise, you need effective sound attenuation. What are some of the best ways to quiet a loud coffee shop?

Coffee Shop Acoustic Panels

If you’re looking to improve the sound in your coffee shop, acoustic panels like the ones you’ll find at Soundproof Cow are easily mounted to your wall or ceiling surfaces and instantly give your coffee shop vastly improved acoustics.

These aren’t the clunky, ugly panels of old that favor function over form, either. Soundproof Cow offers fabric-wrapped acoustic panels that not only dampen unwanted sound, but they look great, too. They can even make customized art panels for your coffee shop so you can improve the décor and reduce the sound issue at the same time. In fact, Soundproof Cow has a variety of sound solutions geared specifically toward spaces like restaurants and coffee shops. Check out the options and see which ones appeal to you.

How Coffee Shop Soundproofing Can Benefit You

Having good sound attenuation in a loud coffee shop can pay for itself in the benefits it provides — benefits like:

  • Preserving the coffee shop’s atmosphere.
  • Reducing noise pollution and its effects on your employees.
  • Cutting down on ordering errors.
  • Generally making your establishment a more pleasant place to both work in and patronize.

This means more return business and the ability to attract better employees, which leads to more satisfied customers. In addition, some restaurant critics often base their ratings not just on the quality of the food and the service, but on the atmosphere, which can include whether or not the place is overly loud and noisy.

If your coffee shop’s business is not as busy as it could be and you’ve been dealing with issues such as loud noise from the street or patrons and staff having difficulty hearing what they need to hear, a reliable soundproofing solution could be the answer.

If you’re still not sure, you may want to patronize a coffee shop or restaurant that has soundproofing or acoustic treatment and see if you can tell the difference. It’s pretty likely you can, and you’ll want the same effect in your own establishment. The effect of good acoustics can be astonishing, so give it a try and see if it works for you and your business.