Ceiling Acoustic Panels

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    EccoTone Perforated 8

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    EccoTone Perforated 8 Staggered

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About Ceiling-Mounted Acoustic Panels

Acoustic ceiling panels are an excellent way to add sound absorption. Some mount directly to the ceiling, creating a discreet barrier. Others suspend from the ceiling, creating a cloud overhead, or a hanging baffle placed near a wall to baffle sound from both sides.

Ceiling-mounted acoustic panels work well in applications like:

  • Offices
  • Auditoriums
  • Gymnasiums
  • Theaters

Why Install Ceiling-Mounted Acoustic Panels?

Ceiling-mounted acoustic panels provide a large surface for dampening sound, making them an excellent addition to many spaces. These panels absorb sound waves to reduce noise, especially in open spaces where sound tends to echo.

Ceiling-mounted panels can also improve speech intelligibility by limiting the echo of sound waves. This feature makes them useful for spaces like conference rooms or lecture halls dependent on clear communication.

Beyond reducing noise, these panels can add aesthetic value to a space with various colors and materials. They are simple to maintain long-term with minimal maintenance requirements.

Our High-Quality Ceiling Acoustic Panel Options

Soundproof Cow offers various ceiling-mounted acoustic panel options. Here is an overview of the products in this category:

  • Udderly Quiet® Acoustic Cloud: These lightweight hanging panels provide exceptional coverage for large, open areas to minimize disturbances. An aluminum frame makes them durable and stable.
  • Udderly Quiet 200 Series Acoustic Baffle: This ceiling-mounted baffle hangs down along the wall and adds sound dampening in rooms with limited wall space.
  • Udderly Quiet 250 Series Acoustic Baffle: An internal aluminum frame provides this panel with increased stability, allowing it to serve applications like open floorplan offices, restaurants, meeting halls and sports complexes.
  • EccoTone™ Perforated Acoustic Wood Panels: These elegant wood panels mount directly to the ceiling or hang down as clouds or baffles, depending on your requirements.

All Udderly Quiet® acoustic panels have fabric coverings in various colors to suit any space. Our acoustic wood panels come with different finishes, patterns and veneers to suit your application.

Beyond ceiling-mounted panels, we even offer products that can help soundproof your acoustic ceiling tiles. Our range of soundproofing options lets you find the best solution for your home or business.

Reach out to Soundproof Cow

If you are grazing around for ceiling acoustic panels to dampen sound in your space, you have come to the right place. At Soundproof Cow, we offer stylish and functional products for homes, businesses, schools and more. Talk to us about solutions for your space.

I have emailed a lot of different manufactures and I have to say your customer service is head and shoulders above all of them. I emailed your company at about 9pm my time and when I woke up the next morning you had already answered my question and then the follow up was a few hours later. I am impressed. Thanks a lot for the quick turn around!

- E. Gustafson

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