4 Reasons Your Dryer Is Squeaking (And How to Fix It!)

4 Reasons Your Dryer Is Squeaking
March 31, 2023

Table of Contents:

Loose Dryer Belt

Old Drum Glide Bearings

A Broken Idler Pulley

Loud Motor

How to Make Your Dryer Stop Squeaking

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Why is your dryer squeaking? Holy cow, that can get annoying. Discovering the source of the squeak can help you determine how to quiet it. Of course, you should be careful when investigating, and always unplug the machine before you begin poking around. Once you find out the common reasons why you might be experiencing this issue, you can learn how to reduce dryer squeaking.

1. Loose Dryer Belt

The dryer belt helps move the drum that dries your clothing. Belts can stretch due to long-term use, and that can decrease their efficiency. The rubber comes loose and begins making squeaky sounds against the metal drum. Replacing the belt can solve the problem.

2. Old Drum Glide Bearings

Glide bearings are pieces of plastic, nylon or sometimes felt that fit along the side of the drum. When they wear down, that’s when you start hearing the squeaking. Remove them from their locked tabs and replace them with new bearings.

3. A Broken Idler Pulley

An idler pulley, which is also found in cars, spins and helps the motor and the dryer belt run. If it gets loose, it can squeak. You will need to replace the pulley to fix the noise. Make sure you get the right part for your dryer, as pulleys can differ in size.

4. Loud Motor

The motor powers your dryer and is the most important part of the machine. Just as a car motor can wear out over time, so can a dryer motor. A squeaking motor is a more serious problem than replacing a part or two on the dryer. Dryers with malfunctioning motors often need to be replaced. If the squeaking sounds kind of like a hum, that may indicate a motor problem.

Replacing the dryer is often the best route. Doing so will be more cost-effective than calling someone for a repair and finding out you need to replace the machine anyway.

Is a squeaky dryer dangerous? Most of the time, it’s just annoying, but calling in a repair person can set your mind at ease if you think something may be seriously wrong. Take care of the problem proactively so you can stop worrying about it sooner.

How to Make Your Dryer Stop Squeaking

Repairing the broken dryer part can solve your problem — and so can soundproofing your laundry room to reduce the noise you hear outside the room. Unfortunately, not all instances of dryer squeaking can be solved by repairs, and sometimes you just have to live with the noise. Using the right soundproofing materials, you can isolate the squeaking in the laundry room and get some peace and quiet around your home.

Find Solutions From Soundproof Cow

Are you ready to tamp down your dryer squeaking problem? Soundproof Cow has all the best products for soundproofing your laundry room. With our materials, you can keep the sounds confined to the laundry room and out of the rest of your home. Contact us to learn more about our offerings.

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