Things to Consider Before Constructing a Commercial Space

Things to Consider Before Constructing a Commercial Space
January 17, 2020

A lot goes into commercial building construction, and as any architect, contractor or designer knows, planning is critical. When you make a mistake or leave something out while building a commercial building, you can’t always go back and fix it without tearing things down and starting over. Here, then, are some of the most important things to consider when it comes to commercial building design.

The Type of Building

You’re designing a commercial building, but not all commercial buildings are the same. Are you building an industrial plant or some kind of factory? Are you making a retail store? A gym? A restaurant? Each type of commercial building has different needs. Some may need to be street-facing, while some are better out of the flow of traffic. Some will have most of the activity happening on the ground floor, while in others, the higher floors will be where all the action is taking place. It’s important to know going in which type you are dealing with.

Zones and Permissions

You can’t just build whatever you want, wherever you want. Your commercial building is part of a larger community, and that community has rules. You don’t want to find out after you have designed a 12-story building that your location is only zoned for 10, or that the materials you planned to use for 80 percent of the building don’t conform to local code regulations. Make sure you know all the zoning regulations and have all the permissions you need before you start.

Financing and Budget

Are you going to have enough money to finish the project the way you want it? If not, it’s better to find out early. You will be much happier if you realize your limitations in advance and build something that is solid and finished, even if it is not quite your dream construction, rather than run out of money with only half a building in place.

Soundproofing Needs

Quality soundproofing can be extremely important for a commercial space. Factories and other industrial buildings can have extremely loud machinery that you might want to keep contained, and establishments like restaurants and shops can really benefit from the great acoustics and clear communication that good soundproofing provides. You can add soundproofing measures after a building is completed, of course, but if you install soundproofing during construction, you will find it much easier to do, probably get better results and will add a great selling point to the building.

Soundproof Cow can help you with all your new construction soundproofing. We have products that are Class A™ when it comes to flammability, meaning they meet many strict building code regulations. Our products are affordably priced to suit a range of budgets, and they can make any commercial space more appealing. To learn more or to request a free acoustical analysis of your proposed building, call the team at Soundproof Cow at 866-949-9268 or contact us online now.