How to Soundproof Your House From Train Noise

How to Soundproof Your House From Train Noise
February 07, 2020

Getting that terrific rental price on your apartment or steal of a deal on the purchase of your new home seemed like a great idea, even after you found out that you were near the train tracks. After all, trains only come around every once in a while, and how bad could train noises be?

Unfortunately, train noise and sleep, concentration and relaxation just do not go together. The rattling of the train on the tracks is one thing, but that 100-decibel train whistle gets impossible to deal with before long. Trying to figure out how to drown out train noise just replaces one loud sound with another. What you really need to know is how to soundproof a house from train noise. Here are some ideas.

  • Soundproofing systems: If you’re really committed to getting control of those train sounds for good, the IsoTRAX™ Soundproofing System from Soundproof Cow can be a real lifesaver. This isolation system is meant to be installed inside your walls and protects you from the kind of vibratory sound noise that is driving you crazy. It does this by separating the wall from its support members, creating an air gap that traps that noise, as well as airborne noise, before it travels through the wall and reaches your ears.
  • Quiet Batt™ Soundproofing Insulation: If you’re looking for a less involved solution, you may want to install a reliable soundproof barrier along the wall facing the train tracks. Our Quiet Batt™ 30 soundproofing insulation is easy to install in interior and exterior walls with a tight friction fit between wood and metal studs. The 80 percent recycled cotton, high-density barrier provides serious sound-dampening insulation and can be combined with other soundproofing materials as needed.
  • Acoustical sound sealant: Part of the reason the train noises may seem so loud, as if they are right inside your home, is that the sound is traveling by air through the many cracks and gaps in your walls or around your doors and windows. Our OSI® Pro-Series SC-175 acoustical sound sealant works fast to plug up all those cracks and prevent air and airborne sound transmission from getting in. You can paint right over it once it is sealed so no one will know it’s there, and it works great with our IsoTRAX™ Soundproofing System.

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Train noise can be absolutely maddening, but it doesn’t have to be. Before you endure one more sleepless night, call Soundproof Cow and let us help you take care of business. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to tell you more about our soundproofing solutions and once and for all you can get some much-needed rest. To get started, click one of the above links to order a soundproofing product or give us a call at 866-949-9269.