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Do You Hear What I Hear?

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No, we’re not just talking about the Christmas song. Nor are we talking about the infamous, “Did you hear that?” movie line, spoken right before the climax when the supervillain jumps out to the demise of the rest of the characters.

We’re talking about sounds that may escape our hearing or the hearing of others but definitely exist.


  • Many of us have heard that dogs and wolves can hear sounds at higher frequencies than us, allowing them to hear noises that we can’t. Piercing whistles or cries for help from afar – it definitely pays off.
  • At 115dB, a baby’s cry is louder than a car horn. Now those sounds we definitely couldn’t miss, but a baby that loud you would want to know about it, not to mention both crying babies and car horns aren’t the most pleasing sounds on a consistent basis.
  • If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound? Well according to a fly, it does not. Because flies are deaf.
  • Singing while showering, or in the water at least, is a universal thing. Whales in their ocean abode “sing” to each other. The sound of their music can travel a distance of 800 km.
  • Sound cannot travel through a vacuum- an area without any air, like space. Sound cannot travel through space because there is no matter for the vibrations to work throughout.
  • Our ears can pick up sound while we are asleep, however, our brain does not “hear” it!

Does your home pick up sound that you don’t want to hear? Are you ready to have some calm amidst the chaos? To maybe tune out the singing from the bathroom beside your bedroom? We can help with the noises you hear!

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Tell them you heard it from the herd.

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