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Things to Know When Soundproofing Metal Buildings

October 21, 2022
Things to Know When Soundproofing Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are durable, cost-effective structures for commercial or residential workshops. However, many metal buildings feature thin, hard surfaces that allow sound to pass through and reflect. If you operate loud machinery inside your metal building, you likely deal with a lot of reverberating noise, and you may receive some noise complaints from folks outside. […]

How to Soundproof Water Heater Noise

September 16, 2022
how to soundproof water heater noise

Water heaters can be noisy. You may hear crackling or popping from your boiler as it naturally builds sediment over time. Knocking or vibrations can occur when air becomes trapped in the water heater’s pipes or after sudden pressure changes. Plus, the vibrations can loosen the heating element, causing it to hum. No matter the […]

How to Soundproof With Minimal Damage to Walls

July 12, 2022
how to soundproof without damaging walls

You deserve peace and quiet in your home, even if there’s only one room in your house where you can escape the noise of life for a few moments. Sounds can add up, whether they come from inside or outside of your home. Without proper soundproofing, you could find yourself having trouble sleeping or concentrating […]

How to Stop Bed Squeaking by Soundproofing Your Bed

June 17, 2022
How to Stop Bed Squeaking by Soundproofing Your Bed

Does your bed squeak with every shift you make in the night? Let’s talk about how to stop your bed from squeaking. Determine Why Your Bed Is Making Noise Discovering the issue is your first step. The most likely culprit is the bed frame. To make sure, remove the mattress and box spring so you […]

How to Soundproof a Laundry Room

May 18, 2022
How to Soundproof a Laundry Room

Table of Contents: Laundry Room Doors Laundry Room Walls Laundry Room Flooring The constant rumbling, buzzing and ringing from washing machines and dryers is enough to drive you crazy between meals, during evening hours and while you’re trying to catch some sleep. You have the power to eliminate unwanted noise between cycles with soundproofing techniques you can […]

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