New Music Friday (and what it means for you)

July 20, 2016
New Music Friday

For years Tuesday was thought to be the premiere event in which we could indulge in new music. Ranging anywhere from our preferred bands or anticipating discovering a new genre, as soon as we heard speculation of something being released, we followed the countdown eagerly. No matter when music is released, we just want it […]

The Sounds of 1995

July 06, 2016
the sounds of 1995

1995 was a breakthrough year in music, movies, and entertainment in general. And of course, the Cow was born. However, just like in space, you didn’t hear it. Oh yeah– superior soundproofing!

Headphones: A Health Hazard or a Sound Solution?

June 21, 2016
Headphones: Health Hazard or a Sound Solution

Summer is the season for music festivals. Across the nation crowds gather shoulder to shoulder (and sometimes bodies above bodies in the case of crowd surfing) to completely immerse themselves in their favorite bands or to taste firsthand new music. Whether it’s a morning show, an opening show or a prestigious affair, music is an […]

Thanks For Having Our Backs. We’ve Got Your Ears.

June 07, 2016
Thanks for having our backs. We've got your ears.

Proudly a veteran-owned and operated company since 1995, Soundproof Cow is dedicated to providing the finest quality products made to our customer’s specifications; we offer a continued and unyielding commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction. We promote business practices that respect the earth and the environment. As Veterans and Active Duty Members, you’ve taken […]

If It Sounds Like An Issue…

May 17, 2016
If it sounds like an issue...

While you can’t see sound, you can see the side effects. Frustration, lack of sleep, overly loud conversation to talk over the other noises. Each circumstance comes with its own unique set of obstacles. From playing with wooden spoons on pots and pans, your children soon graduate to the drum set you bought them for […]

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