Insight Into The New Website

May 03, 2016
Insight into new Soundproof Cow website

Noise is complex. Navigating a soundproofing website shouldn’t be. So the Soundproof Cow team decided it was time to not only provide sound solutions but provide solutions for a user-friendly experience when it comes to visiting or shopping on our website. When it comes to updating or evolving our brand, we don’t do it because […]

Celebrate Earth. Soundproof Green.

April 19, 2016
Earth Day Celebration

  Soundproof Cow is a proudly veteran-owned and operated company based straight in the heartland of South Central Pennsylvania’s agriculture hub. We take our earth and environment seriously. Littering has countless adverse side effects on our society and eco-system. Every proactive step we can take toward cleaning up our homes (even from within our walls, […]

Autism Awareness And Sensory Overload

April 12, 2016
Autism Awareness Blog Header

With the latest DC Comic character release, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we naturally want to go back and analyze the history of these superheroes. As a company sensitive and attuned to sound, Superman’s heightened sense of hearing struck a chord with us. So we rewound to 2013’s film, Man of Steel, to learn […]

Creating Barriers Between You and Unwanted Noise

April 12, 2016
Creating Barriers Between You and Unwanted Noise

The trunk of a car. The lining of a boat’s hull. The walls between two apartments. The underlayment of a cabin’s carpet. Restaurants. Home theaters. Office complexes. Broadcast studios. As we move throughout the day, as we create movement, we create conversations, play music, watch TV, stomp feet, slam doors, juice our vegetable, we live […]

Constructing A New Way to Quiet Your Home

March 17, 2016
constructing a new way to quiet homes

Construction is one of the longest operating industries, dating back to the first huts and even toilets dug. Years and technology have enabled those in the construction and contractor industry to forecast issues that would otherwise cause discomfort, harm and tremendous problems for clients. One such area for concern is sound. While the construction site […]

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