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New Music Friday (and what it means for you)

New Music Friday
July 20, 2016

For years Tuesday was thought to be the premiere event in which we could indulge in new music. Ranging anywhere from our preferred bands or anticipating discovering a new genre, as soon as we heard speculation of something being released, we followed the countdown eagerly.

No matter when music is released, we just want it to be released as soon as possible. So while to some people Friday signifies Payday, to Spotify, iTunes and other digital music stores where you can listen, buy and download, Friday now equates as the red carpet to artist’s new music. New Music Friday.

A now solidified concept, the music industry wants to unite these listeners, artists and countries globally with both major records, EPs and independent artists.

While sales reports prove to be all the research an artist and record label need to verify whether their individual new release was successful, New Music Friday in it and of itself is the one shop wonder we all need when it comes to the music fix everybody loves to obsess over.

With instant access to singles or entire albums on Fridays, we hit replay all weekend until Friday turns into Monday.

As the new work week starts, having that new music as your arsenal plugged in your ears (to adhere to safe headphone and volume standards read our blog here) can make a huge impact on your performance.

New Music Friday Fact

As an athlete, for example, a tempo can help keep you on track. Spotify has set up great playlists to accompany your workout. Whether you’re hitting the gym for cardio or the pavement for a jog, they are in tune (no pun intended) to what you are trying to achieve.

Heading in for a big meeting? We’ve all seen the movies or shows where the actors head bang before they go in to close the deal.

Once you, however, close the deal you can decompress from the stress with classical music. Studies conducted have revealed classical music helps promote concentration levels. (And also increases the level of a cow’s milk production. Go figure.)

So as you’re listening, buying and downloading your new music this Friday, think about what your Monday and the rest of this month looks like for you. What are you tackling? Those goals should reflect in your purchases and your new playlist!

-Tell then you heard it from the herd

P.S. Is one of your goals to start a garage band or music studio? While we won’t be releasing any music this Friday, we can help you put together a solid sound solution! Check out our products or call the herd to find out how to begin your career.