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If It Sounds Like An Issue…

May 17, 2016

While you can’t see sound, you can see the side effects. Frustration, lack of sleep, overly loud conversation to talk over the other noises. Each circumstance comes with its own unique set of obstacles. From playing with wooden spoons on pots and pans, your children soon graduate to the drum set you bought them for Christmas. The next thing you know; they have started a garage band with their best friends. It’s a bittersweet experience to watch them mature, to watch them grow musically because now things got just a little bit rowdier.

Whether it’s your garage, sidewalk, man cave, schoolyard, backyard or parking lot, this month we’re focusing on all the ways and places life may organically interrupt our pace with sound. Living on a busy street, stuck in traffic or being woke up by the garage truck are all everyday settings we find ourselves with decibels that Soundproof Cow can solve.

If it sounds like an issue, it probably is. For nearly every noise in life, the Cow provides solutions. They may not all look glamorous when they come out of the box (but boy do the Acoustic Art Panels!) nevertheless, the lifestyle they enable once you install them in your environment is priceless.

With an extensive product line and the Herd to help guide you to find the ones that meet your needs, it’s time to calm the chaos from:

Soundproof Cow Acoustic and Soundproofing

7am Lawn Mower: It’s distinct and while we’re guilty of getting our sneakers green from fresh cut grass at odd hours, there’s nothing like the neighbor’s lawnmower ritual starting at 7am to interrupt your sleep pattern. We’re excited to introduce you to sound solutions that provide peace and quiet that enable you to party through the night and sleep in on Saturdays – all without anyone disrupting the neighbors. Check out our new site to find products for your space and create your own slice of heaven!

Neighbor’s Barking Dog: Whether you’re an animal lover or only like watching cat videos, we understand not all dogs are man’s best friend. But the Cow at Soundproof Cow is. With sound solutions for nearly every home and work application, you can absorb sounds and block out yapping and barking that interrupt your Me Time. Instead of throwing the dogs a treat to quiet them, why not treat yourself to some soundproof materials that no matter how loud the dog is, you can always have quiet time? Let’s talk a language you’ll understand. Let’s talk peace and quiet.

Sounds of The Highway: It seems like everyone is stuck in traffic outside your house (even you sometimes!), especially when you want to relax, concentrate, have a conversation, watch your favorite show. You can barricade your window, but you can’t block the noise without the proper sound solutions. How can you leave the highway noises out? By inviting the Cow in. Soundproof Cow is here to help. Visit our site, fill out a questionnaire or call us. It’s your way. Not the highway.

These are just a few common everyday areas sound infiltrates our ears. Soundproof Cow is intuitive to your needs and wants to help you live a balanced life. Start here to find out what your space is and what sounds you are combating.

Tell them you heard it from the herd.