The Sounds of 1995

the sounds of 1995
July 06, 2016

After 437 days in space, Valeri Polyakov returned to Earth in the year 1995. In just a little over a year, Polyakov was isolated in outer space where sound was non-existent. Meanwhile, below him the sounds of the Window’s… (yup you guessed it) ’95 loaded and the subsequent sound of the newly invented scrolling mouse clicked over the task bar.

Movies made a household comeback with the release of the DVD – co-developed by Philips, Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic. Producing a beautiful and loud experience for families to watch their favorite films.

Speaking of films, Pocahontas was singing her heart out while Starbucks’ baristas were cranking out their first Frappuccinos. If you’ve ever been in a coffee house, you know this isn’t the most peaceful sound. Which doesn’t make for the most convenient place for studious mental exercising.

Now close your eyes, plug your ears and imagine none of that. Imagine the year 1995 exempt from the PlayStation being released in the US, Gangsta’s Paradise booming.

Hard to picture, isn’t it?

Sounds of 1995. Hearing vs Feeling

Sound is everywhere; even if we cannot hear it, we can feel it.. See it depends on molecules. Sound depends on molecules to travel. On Earth, our ears pick up the sound that travels through the vibrations in the air molecules. (Which is why when the beat picks up in music you can feel it flowing in your body along with the beat.) Deep in space, the story has a different tune, however. Sound is a bit more of a mysterious concept because the vast depth between the planets and stars contain no molecules for sound to vibrate. No molecules. No vibrations. No sound.

Therefore, nothing for Polyakov to listen to other than what he might have packed on board to listen to on his Walkman, perhaps.

Yes, 1995 was a breakthrough year in music, movies, sound and entertainment in general.

And of course, the Cow was born. However, just like in space, you didn’t hear it. Because there’s something about the cow. Oh yeah– superior soundproofing!

-Tell them you heard it from the herd

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