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Step Above Flooring Underlayment

Step Above Flooring Underlayment
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Dimensions40 in. x 30 ft.
Thickness80 mil.
Coverage100 sqft.
Quantity1 roll
STC Rating72
AvailabilityUsually ships in 1-3 business days
Technical DataProduct Data Sheet

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Step Above® Flooring Underlayment is the most technologically advanced sound blocker available for laminate and engineered flooring systems. Step Above® Flooring Underlayment minimizes airborne and structural borne (footfall) noise and significantly improves in-room sound quality. Step Above® Flooring Underlayment is a composite of durable, dimensionally stable, cross-linked polyolefin resin and a 2-mil Polyethylene vapor barrier, which is easy to install. Step Above® Flooring Underlayment has a peel and place edge lip system to create a sound and moisture barrier. This product requires a limited amount of tools for proper installation. Step Above® Flooring Underlayment offers great protection against mold, mildew and vapor transmission as well as thermal insulation performance to reduce cold floors and decrease energy loss.

Features / Benefits

Dual Soundproofing Function — Step Above® Flooring Underlayment will reduce noise from impact, such as foot fall, and reduce airborne sound transmission, such as noise from voices, TV’s and stereos. Step Above® has an Impact Insulation Class (IIC) rating of 72 and a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 72. Please see the Technical Data sheet for more information.

Makes Laminate Floors Sound Like Wood Floors — Step Above® Flooring Underlayment has a unique composition that has a damping effect on laminate flooring. Step Above® HD will take the hollow “ping” or plastic sound away from laminate or engineered floor applications. The result is your laminate floor will have a thick, luxurious sound and will sound more like a real hardwood floor.

Ease of Installation — Step Above® Flooring Underlayment is rolled into place for a quick application. Simply, roll out the product, measure, cut and place. Every roll of Step Above® has an overlapping, peel and place lip to ensure a proper sound and vapor seal. Once applied, there is no waiting time for the installation of floor covering materials.

Excellent Floor Protection — Flooring is an expensive investment. Step Above® Flooring Underlayment will help protect your floor from moisture damage. Due to the edge peel and place lip system, the flooring underlayment acts as one large seamless sheet, which will help protect laminate floors from moisture vapor damage.

Excellent Performance for the Price — When compared to other flooring underlayments available on the market, Step Above® out performs the competition and beats the price. Step Above® out performs cork materials at a much lower price point.

In-stock — We stock a large quantity of Step Above® Flooring Underlayment. Most orders are shipped the same day and arrive at your home or project in three business days, depending on your location and size of order.

Made in the USA

Great For:

  • Floating Floor Systems
  • Laminate Floors

Acoustic Data

Product STC* IIC*
Step Above® 72 72

* STC = Sound Transmission Class * IIC = Impact Insulation Class

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Installation Details

Tools Needed: Broom and Dust Pan, Utility Knife, Straight Edge, Tape Measure

Materials Needed: None

Product rating

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Michelle
    Finally, a cost effective flooring underlayment that works. I have been looking for this kind of product for years, something that works and won't put my customer's in debt. Great product guys.
  • Author: Larry D.
    I loved the Step Above, it was cheap and easy to install.
  • Author: Jeremy
    Cheap, quick and effective, doesn't get any better than that. Really good stuff.

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