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Soundproofing a Door

December 30, 2017

If sound knocked before it entered, you wouldn’t have to soundproof your door. But, it doesn’t, which makes getting some much-needed rest difficult when your roommates, kids or pets are anything but quiet. Soundproofing your door won’t silence them, but it will stop sound in its tracks. Learn how to soundproof a door below to […]

The Quietest Places on Earth

December 15, 2017
Quiet Places on earth

Sometimes, all you want is a quiet place to relax. Luckily, there’s plenty of places to go for fresh air, silence and peace of mind. From deserts, national reserves and human-made rooms, silent spots can be found everywhere in the world. Check out our list of the seven quietest, most relaxing places on Earth below: […]

Common Soundproofing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

December 15, 2017
common soundproofing mistakes

Noise pollution is a serious problem. If you’re experiencing regular noise pollution in your home, whether it’s from noisy neighbors, street traffic, the local bar or other unwanted sounds, you may have difficulty working, sleeping, concentrating and generally enjoying your surroundings. Unwanted noise can lead to higher stress and poor focus. Naturally, there are soundproofing […]

Eco-Friendly Soundproofing

December 01, 2017
green soundproofing

More and more, builders are constructing homes with attention to green building practices. Savvy buyers know both construction of new homes and living in a home can create a huge carbon footprint, and people are looking for green-built homes to reduce that footprint. LEED Certification and a reputation for eco-friendly building practices is the goal. […]

Soundproofing a Ceiling — New Ceilings vs. Existing Ceilings

November 17, 2017
how do you soundproof an existing ceiling

Your soundproofing isn’t complete until you’ve soundproofed your ceiling. If there’s anything on the floor above you, sound can easily travel down into your apartment, condominium or home without adequate soundproofing. But how do you soundproof a ceiling? Your approach will vary depending upon whether you’re putting in a new ceiling or you have an existing […]