Is Styrofoam Good for Soundproofing?

Is Styrofoam Good for Soundproofing?
June 19, 2020

While looking for soundproofing solutions for your home or studio, you may have come across styrofoam as a solution. While styrofoam can significantly dampen or cancel out noise when it’s paired with denser materials, it doesn’t achieve adequate results on its own.

Styrofoam, or polystyrene foam, has thermal properties like fiberglass and is lightweight, making it one of the most common plastics used in the manufacture of packing and insulating materials. The petroleum-based plastic is also an effective insulator and shock absorber, so if you’ve ever asked if styrofoam absorbs sound, you’re not too far off the mark.

Styrofoam is better able to condition sound when it’s used with denser materials that have greater mass.

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Eco-Friendly Alternatives: Noise-Canceling Alternatives to Styrofoam

While hanging styrofoam noise-canceling panels in a room may reduce sound by small margins, it will not provide a completely effective soundproofing solution. Putting the limitations of polystyrene foam aside, it can also impact the environment in sub-par ways. The manufacturing of styrofoam releases hydrocarbons into the atmosphere, and the material can pose several risks to landfills.

Today, many companies are producing acoustic panels designed explicitly for soundproofing a room quickly and efficiently. Examples of eco-friendly alternatives to styrofoam include:

  • Quiet Batt™ Soundproofing Insulation: Made of densely packed cotton fibers, Quiet Batt™ Soundproofing Insulation is a highly effective thermal insulation product designed for both interior and exterior walls.
  • Soundproofing barriers: If you’re looking to block short-term noise or would like to steer clear of installation, soundproofing barriers from Soundproof Cow are excellent solutions. Perfect for offices, home theaters, restaurants, vehicle interiors and more, soundproofing barriers use foam, fiberglass and composite layers of vinyl to dampen sound vibration.
  • Sound isolation systems: Sound isolation systems from Soundproof Cow eliminate external noise in the form of garage door isolation kits, Green Glue noise-proofing compounds and more.
  • Art acoustic panels: Art acoustic panels from Soundproof Cow are made-to-order and will effectively control the noise in any space. Made from compressed mineral wool, art acoustic panels are specifically designed to effectively absorb sound waves, and they’re an eco-friendly alternative to styrofoam. Acoustic panels provide stylish decor without compromising soundproofing power, and they’re the ideal solution if you’re looking to block sound without altering existing building structures.
  • Acoustic foam: Peel-and-stick soundproof acoustic foam is a sound-dampening insulation that minimizes reverberation, improves acoustics and absorbs multi-frequency noise.

Eco-Friendly Noise-Canceling Alternatives to Styrofoam

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