Soundproofing Home Appliances

Soundproofing Home Appliances
December 07, 2018

There’s no question that as great as home appliances are, they are also noisy. Sometimes, that noise means there is something wrong, but often, it is just the sound of a machine doing its work. Soundproofing home appliances can create a much more tranquil home environment, but is it really possible to soundproof home appliances?

How Loud Are Your Appliances

How to Soundproof Home Appliances

You can definitely soundproof home appliances with the right material and the right approach. Two types of home appliances that are among the noisiest and are actually easy to soundproof are refrigerators and dishwashers:

1. How to Soundproof a Dishwasher

First, of course, turn off the dishwasher and unplug it for your safety. Then simply remove the front panel of the dishwasher, and place a Soundproof Cow Quiet Board™ Acoustic Panel in between the front panel and the dishwasher. Screw the panel back into place and enjoy a quieter dishwasher experience!

The Quiet Board™ Acoustic Panel is a moisture-resistant product that soaks up sound. As your dishwasher creates noise on the inside, the panel will employ its dual-purpose function to block and deflect the noise.

You may also want to replace the soundproof insulating blanket that comes with your dishwasher, as this can tend to wear out quickly and offer little sound control assistance. Specialized soundproofing insulation is an excellent replacement for your current materials. Purchase a roll and cut it to fit around the top and sides of your dishwasher to prevent noise from reverberating inside its cubby.

2. How to Soundproof a Refrigerator

To soundproof a refrigerator, you will not be applying soundproofing to the refrigerator itself, but rather to the alcove that the refrigerator sits in. Refrigerators have fans in the back that produce noise. The noise will reverberate off of the walls beside and behind it, amplifying the sounds it produces. It’s similar to the way putting your phone in a cup or against a corner can boost its built-in speaker.

To reduce this alcove amplification, you’ll want to minimize reverberations and echoes. Simply install a reliable soundproofing product like Echo Absorber Natural all around the refrigerator, on the top, sides, back and possibly even the floor of the alcove where the refrigerator is located. The product’s echo-absorbing qualities will allow you to enjoy significantly reduced refrigerator noise.

3. How to Soundproof Washing Machine

Before soundproofing your washing machine, consider why it could be making noise. Excess noise from your washing machine may indicate the need for repairs or improper use. Be sure to schedule maintenance and avoid underloading or overloading your washing machine to rule out these common noise sources.

Soundproofing can help if noise is a natural result of the machine’s construction or setup. Front-loaded washing machines are more powerful than top-loaded models, so they’ll vibrate more by default. Vibrations become noise when the machine bumps against the floors and walls around it. The key to a soundproof washing machine is muffling these vibrations.

Here’s how to address each surface:

  • Below the machine: Absorptive products can prevent the washing machine from vibrating against or sliding along the floor. Impact Barrier QT Flooring Underlayment typically goes under a flooring material, but you can also use it as a buffer between a vibrating appliance and the floor.
  • Beside the machine: Your machine may bang against the walls or other surfaces beside it. You can create an absorptive buffer by using extruded safety foam. Slide these little foam pieces between your washing machine and the wall for an easy-to-install vibration solution.

4. How to Soundproof Drying Machine

Achieving a quiet dryer is similar to a soundproof washing machine. Again, you’ll want to consider maintenance needs, loading mistakes and the surfaces your machine could vibrate against.

Rattling often has something to do with a loose internal component or something floating around in the machine. Before starting a load, double-check your pockets for coins, guitar picks, keys and other hard items that would rattle in the dryer. Also, consider having a professional take a look at the machine.

To handle vibrations, we suggest using the same flooring underlayment and safety foam approach that we recommend for washing machines. As a bonus tip, try soundproofing your laundry room by lining the walls with mass-loaded vinyl or solidifying the door with door seals and sweeps. These products will confide noise to the laundry room so you notice it less elsewhere in the house.

Benefits of Soundproofing Home Appliances

Once you’ve soundproofed your refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, you’ll see the benefits right away.

Keep Your Focus

Often, your noisiest appliances are in the same room, like the kitchen or laundry room, so when you’ve got them all going at the same time, it can be impossible to even hear yourself think. Good soundproofing can make a world of difference. By reducing vibrations and muffling echoes from your appliances, you’ll have an easier time keeping your focus when needed. A few simple solutions will give you peace to dial into your work, handle your bills or read a book.

Catch Every Word

Noise control in the kitchen can also help you enjoy clearer communication even when appliances are running, which is ideal for family bonding. Speaking over a loud dishwasher or rumbling dryer is often futile, and repeating yourself in a conversation can become frustrating. Soundproof your appliances to ensure everyone can speak and be heard in your home.

Detect Appliance Issues

Also, once you’ve soundproofed your appliances so that their standard noise is muffled, you may have an easier time noticing when an appliance is making noise because something is wrong. Your washer, dryer, dishwasher or refrigerator will be louder when it’s in distress. Starting with a baseline of quiet operation will make any volume increase more noticeable. You’ll catch and resolve problems earlier, potentially saving you hundreds on replacements or repairs.

Contact Soundproof Cow for Quality Soundproofing for Appliances and More

At Soundproof Cow, we’re all about helping you enjoy your family time in the home with a tranquil environment free of harsh, distracting sounds. Fortunately, we have all the materials you need to make that happen. For more information about soundproofing home appliances, how to use our products and which of our soundproofing products are the best for your home, contact us today.


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