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AC (Residential) Soundproofing

AC (Residential) Soundproofing Products

  • Quiet Barrier Specialty Composite Close Up BUY NOW

    Quiet Barrier™ Specialty Composite

    Quiet Barrier™ Specialty Composite is a four layer soundproofing composite used in construction, automotive, heavy machinery and marine industries to reduce noise transfer from structural borne

    Quiet Barrier™ Specialty Composite blocks sound with four distinct layers of protection for maximum soundproofing power. The top polyester film layer resists heat, high-frequency sound and tearing. It is made so you can easily wipe it clean for simple maintenance. Underneath this layer is a thick foam that absorbs sound frequencies at all levels. This acoustic foam both cushions and insulates the barrier layer beneath. That barrier is our Quiet . . .

  • Soundproofing_QBMD_Composite_close_up_175-01 BUY NOW

    Quiet Barrier™ MD Soundproofing Composite (w/PSA)

    Quiet Barrier™ MD Soundproofing Composites (1/8 in. 1 lb. barrier + 1 in. foam) are industrial grade products that stop sound from entering or leaving a

    For a cost-effective solution to a variety of noise control applications, try our Quiet Barrier™ MD Soundproofing Composite with PSA. This amazing noise control composite works in two ways: First, with ⅛ inch of superior noise control material in our sound blocking membrane. Second, with an inch of acoustical-grade foam made of polyurethane, which adds soundproofing while it isolates the barrier layer from vibrations that could create noise and compromise . . .

  • silent running 1 gallon BUY NOW

    Silent Running (1 gallon)

    Silent Running SR-500 is a high performance coating specifically designed to eliminate unwanted sound and vibration. SR-500 works by converting noise energy and vibrations into a

    Here’s a list of things that vibrate: Your blender mixing your morning smoothie, your phone lighting up with three missed calls from your mother and a construction worker’s drill. Now, here’s a list of things that shouldn’t: Your car, the ground beneath your feet and your walls. While some objects are made for vibration, your wall isn’t one of them. Don’t let unwanted sound cause noisy distractions and vibration within . . .

  • RoadBlockR BUY NOW

    RoadBlockR Sound Deadening Material

    RoadBlockR is a premium car soundproofing product. Serious car soundproofing requires serious soundproofing material. RoadBlockR was engineered to provide this benefit. Originally designed as an industrial

    RoadBlockR is a premium car soundproofing product. Serious car soundproofing requires serious soundproofing material. RoadBlockR™ was engineered to provide this benefit. Originally designed as an industrial sound damping material for applications that need extreme performance, it is well suited to the demanding car enthusiast. Whether you are trying to improve the quality of your car stereo or give your vehicle that “luxury car” feel, RoadBlockR is the ideal material. By . . .

  • sound deadening BUY NOW

    Vibra Block® Sound Deadening Material (Sheet)

    Vibra Block® is a premium, industrial grade, high performance sound deadening material used on steel panels and enclosures in a variety of industries. Constructed from a

    Engineered to Perform Our Vibra Block line of sound deadening materials is crafted to provide you with industrial-grade, high-performance vibration dampening and sound reduction quality control. They’re ideal for use on a variety of steel surfaces, including stainless, cold rolled, painted and plated steels. There’s no need for added bulkiness, either. These sheets do their job excellently and efficiently while maintaining a light-weight profile. Not only do our soundproof blocks . . .


AC (Residential) Sound Absorption Products

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