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You spend a lot of time in your RV. At times, you live in your RV. Shouldn’t you enjoy the trip? Long RV trips with poor sound quality lead to headaches. Having to raise your voice to be heard over the sound of the road, listening to the constant noise of the engine…it leads to unhappy travels. By using RV soundproofing materials, you not only reduce irritating noise from outside, you also reduce vibrations. You get the luxury feel…without having to spend hundreds-of-thousands on a luxury RV. RV owners come to Soundproof Cow because they want to enjoy their ride. With our RV soundproofing products, they can.

What Soundproofing Can Do...

RV soundproofing products:

• Give you the feel of a luxury ride, at a fraction of the cost • Improve the quality of your trip…without the annoying RV noises, you can relax and enjoy the ride • Provide better music sound quality so you get the most out of your RV’s sound system

What Does Soundproofing my RV Mean?

RV soundproofing means reducing irritating noises and improving the sound quality inside the cabin. It doesn’t literally mean to eliminate all sound. This would be impossible. What RV owners are looking for is a way to dampen, or reduce, annoying noises and improve sound quality. Noise sources on a RV include the hood, doors, panels, floor pans, license plates and tail lights. They all let unwanted noise leak into your RV. Dampening (also known as deadening or damping) products are best for RV soundproofing because they soak up sound. They reduce volume levels of annoying road sounds. And, they keep sound and your music inside the cabin. Overall, the sound quality is improved.

RV Soundproofing Products

  • Soundproofing_ QBHD_Composite_Install

    Quiet Barrier™ HD Soundproofing Composite

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  • Soundproofing_QBMD_Composite_close_up_175

    Quiet Barrier™ MD Soundproofing Composite

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  • MOOla Saver Soundproofing_QBLD_Composite_close_up_175-01

    Quiet Barrier™ LD Soundproofing Composite

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  • RoadBlockR

    RoadBlockR Sound Deadening Material

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  • sound deadening

    Vibra Block® Sound Deadening Material (Sheet)

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  • sound deadening

    Vibra Block® Sound Deadening Material (Strip)

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  • sound deadening vb pad

    Vibra Block® Sound Deadening Material (Pad)

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RV Sound Absorption Products

RV Soundproofing

If you own a recreational vehicle or motor home, you’re probably all too aware that it can get noisy at times. Fortunately, there are ways to soundproof areas of your RV to reduce your vehicle’s overall sound output. 

Reasons to Soundproof Your RV

Engine noise in a motor home can get distracting, especially if you own an old A-class model. There are various ways to reduce your vehicle’s decibel levels, even if it’s several years old. 

RVs are notoriously noisy, and some of those sounds can come from outside your vehicle, depending on where you are. You might hear dogs barking, kids, noise from other campers, diesel rigs coming and going, motorcycles, sirens, road noise, trains, loud music and wild animals.

An empty RV can echo like a tin can even when parked. RV engine insulation is an excellent way to make your vehicle less noisy, so you can enjoy eating, reading, watching TV or making phone calls in peace. Soundproofing your travel trailer can also allow for a better night’s sleep — and who doesn’t want that? 

Upgrading your RV insulation and soundproofing can go a long way to protect your vehicle from outside elements in various environments and climates.  

Areas to Soundproof in RVs

RVs are long and wide, and their frame and chassis generate a lot of structural vibrations when driving along the road at high rates of speed. Soundproofing RV road noise is easy when targeting specific areas.

RV Noise Sources to Soundproof

Wheel Wells

Soundproofing your RV’s wheel wells is one of the most effective ways to put an end to structural noise. To reduce the amount of noise coming from your vehicle, try:

  • Removing the plastic wheel liners and wheels.
  • Using tape or plastic to cover the surrounding rotor and frame, as you want to avoid spraying the wheel bearings or hub.
  • Cleaning the wheel well. If you find rust, clean it with a wire brush. 
  • Applying liquid sound deadener on as much of the metal areas of your RV’s wheel wells as you can. Start with a thin layer and continue adding layers as needed. 
  • Covering the interior metal with a sound-deadening mat.
  • Adding a mass-loaded vinyl sound-blocking layer on the inside of the RV.

MLV soundproofing solutions from Soundproof Cow offer greener, more practical alternatives to lead soundproofing. MLV barriers consist of tiny metal particles, sands and salts that lend sound-reducing properties to your vehicle. This RV soundproofing solution aims to prevent soundwaves from passing through walls and ceilings by adding dense mass to an enclosed area. 


The average motor home weighs thousands of pounds, and most RVs have heavy-duty engines for that reason. In many recreational vehicles, the engine is next to the driver’s seat, and there is not enough insulation to dampen the engine’s roar properly. Proximity to the RV’s engine exposes passengers and drivers to heat and noise, and soundproofing provides the solution.

The best part? Most soundproofing methods double as RV engine cover insulation, helping eliminate two issues with one solution.

At Soundproof Cow, we’ve engineered our Quiet Barrier™ Specialty Composite for use on heavy machinery, including your RV engine. The material reduces noise transfer from airborne and structural sources, and is ideal for applications that require heat resistance and dampening of extreme noise.

Generator Box

Blocking airborne sound and dampening vibrations is crucial to reducing decibels from your RV’s metal generator box. You’ll want to add absorption while preventing noise from exiting the plywood structure. If you have enclosed your generator box with a fence or similar tall structure, installing a noise barrier of the same height is the most effective way to block noise from escaping the enclosure. 

Tips to make your generator quieter include:

  • Build an enclosure.
  • Use a rubber mat.
  • Place the generator as far away from you as possible — ideally, at least 20 feet.
  • Point the exhaust away.
  • Stick to a generator that gives you the right amount of power.

Looking for alternate solutions? MLV soundproofing materials from Soundproof Cow can add dense mass to your RV’s generator box, blocking soundwaves from exiting.

Water Pump

pipe soundproofing for water pump

While a loud water pump is commonplace for RV users, there are ways to quiet your RV water pump. 

Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap is an excellent way to silence your RV’s water pump. The barrier layer in the foam’s industrial-grade barrier blocks sounds commonly emitted from water running through pipes or pumps in your RV. 


Adding insulation to your RV’s floors is another surefire strategy for reducing noise in your vehicle. If you have hard flooring, try adding mats or rugs for comfort or applying insulation material above or below your flooring. Soundproof Cow’s Impact Barrier QT offers the highest-quality soundproofing at an affordable price for your RV’s floors. 


Instead of replacing your RV’s doors, which can get pricey, check the weatherstripping and caulking around the door for any drafts or gaps. While you may want to consider creating window curtains from a heat shield material to keep the sun out, you can also employ Soundproof Cow’s Vibra Block® Sound-Deadening Material or our leading DIY soundproofing material, MLV. 


When soundproofing your RV, you must pay close attention to slide-outs, which often have less insulation than the rest of the vehicle. As for your RV’s roof, apply insulation to your RV’s ceiling and vent cover to keep heat inside. Always ensure you have adequate ventilation for cooking. 

Soundproof Cow offers many material options to block noise in your RV’s walls and roof, namely Quiet Barrier™ Specialty CompositeQuiet Batt® Soundproofing Insulation and RoadblockR Sound-Deadening Material

Types of RV Insulation Materials

Insulating your RV allows you to create a barrier that reduces the transmission of sound and heat from the outside into your vehicle and vice versa. This solution works by absorbing sound that strikes the insulation materials, disrupting the path of the noise.

You can use various types of insulation materials for RV soundproofing. When searching for the best option for your needs, keep in mind that the quality of a material’s insulation abilities is determined by its R-value. The higher the R-value, the better the material is at providing adequate insulation.

Here are a few common types of insulation materials to soundproof your RV:

  • Spray foam: Spray foam is a simple, lightweight solution to filling in gaps that allow air in and out of your RV. This type of insulation comes in a can and is applied by spraying it on drafty areas, creating a tight seal. Applying spray foam can be tricky, so be sure to work with a professional to ensure proper insulation.
  • Rigid foam boards: These boards work well for RV soundproofing and insulation. The foam comes in various density, thickness and R-value levels, so the quality you choose will determine its capabilities. Rigid foam is a long-lasting material that is resistant to moisture and mold growth. Due to its stiffness, cutting and fitting the material to your RV can be challenging. However, rigid foam provides great insulation when installed with the proper techniques.

Purchase Soundproofing Materials From Soundproof Cow

For quieter and more peaceful rides, turn to Soundproof Cow for the best sound-dampening and -deadening materials for your RV or van. Road-trippers, campers and people who love the freedom of the open highway, rejoice! We want to help you hush your noisy RV so you can get a better night’s sleep, no matter where you are. 

For over 23 years, Soundproof Cow has remained committed to simplifying soundproofing. Give your RV the right sound-dampening solution, and contact us today. Feel free to browse our soundproofing materials, including sound isolation systems and soundproof barriers, or ask us about the perfect noise reduction solution for your vehicle.

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